Introduction To My Fashion, Life and Beauty Blog

beauty blogger

hello guys and girls……

Well lets start with the basics…

My name is Tahnee Flack I am 27 and I live in a small town in Wiltshire.

I’m engaged to my partner of nearly 12 years and together we have two beautiful boys aged 2 and 5……this is where the blog comes in lol!!!! Not forgetting our fur baby Doug the pug!

Since having my eldest child, 5 years ago, I just managed to lose my mojo in fashion and beauty and now feel I need some thing drastic to help me get my bum back in gear with it and feel myself again. I’m hoping that doing this blog will help with that and also give me some more confidence in who I am as that went out with fashion.

So what’s my blog about…..

FASHION, MAKE UP, HOME WARE, BAKING…………(girly girly girly)

As you will come to know if you continue to read and view my blogs I have a unique sense of style and am not afraid to be daring so if you would like that, or need help on how to do it, be prepared for plenty of quirky pieces. I also want to focus on ‘style doesn’t have to cost a fortune’ with plenty of ‘get the look for less’ pieces so stay tuned for those.

I love to bake with and for my family so keep an eye out for lots of little treats that you can create for your family. Also being a mother my house is important (I say as I shut the door to a messy child’s room and sit in a living room desperate for a hoover) but will also be including little home ware pieces I can’t help but share.

As this is my first blog I will leave it there and ask you be patient whilst I try to get myself up to speed with WordPress (so many buttons lol).But I hope you come back on Monday for another blog as I hope to upload one every Thursday and Monday but came in on a hump day special!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you come back Monday for my next blog!!

Lots of love



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  1. Niki says:

    The pic is so cute!!

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