Hello my lovelies….SURPRISE BLOG YAYYYYYY!!!!!

So today I ditched the boring routine and went out
shopping with my little family and enjoyed a gorgeous meal in my fav irish cafe!

Here is my hard days work lol………………




Super excited to try the Zoella pieces I got. I decided to try the ‘Foam Sweet Foam’ shower gel, the ‘Kissy Missy’ Lip balm and ‘Soap Pop’. I am completely new to these product so
will defo do a review for you guys. Interested to see what they’re like as I don’t usually change my soaps and such so hopefully its as nice as I’m expecting. I also got an unexpected freebie with this purchase and got a travel make up bag with the #nofilterneeded, a definite added bonus.


The Barry M products were 3 for 2 at Superdrug and I got myself the ‘Flawless’ original Primer, ‘Light reflecting’ concealer and the ‘Make Me Blush blush’ stick. As I’ve not used these before I will do a review on these items as well as I would love to let you know if its worth the purchase 😉


So these I bought for my two little boys. They were 2 for £8 at my local Shoe Zone! Absolute steal but also perfect for summer. The cute little skull and bone and anchor motifs in the repeated pattern is super stylish!


Whilst at Shoe Zone I also treated myself to these little gems- £9.99 but forgot them in the haul photo 😦 lol. The only thing is I have size 3 feet……..meaning these were bought in the kids range buuuuuttttt they had lots of very similar in adults. They also had 2 for £8 on some lovely patterned plimsolls.


Ok, so any one who has been in my house will know these are my GO TO photo frames #obsessed. I have a photo mural on my living room wall made of these! Two amazing things is

  1. They are only £1……ONE ENGLISH POUND……
  2. They’re easily painted if they’re not the colour you need.

I do really quite love these lol 😀

Finally I bagged this little beauty. Usually I save Gavin and Stacy for christmas and binge watch the lot but I know what I’m doing tonight. Only £3.50 second hand from my local CEX I know I can watch it on line but I loves a good box set I does!


Well my loves I hope you enjoyed this impromptu surprise blog and my very first haul. Also on a little side note I have a few things, more surprises, in the pipelines that I am soooo excited about! I can’t wait to share it with you so keep your eyes peeled. Head over to my twitter @Tahneeblog for regular updates and I will start work on a Facebook page for you guys but for now……….

Bye my loves and I shall see you on Thursday for my normal blog, which I can reveal will be tasty.

Lots of Love







Let me know what you think.....

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