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Hello my lovelies how are you? I hope you are well and comfortable so you can sit and enjoy todays blog!

In today’s blog we will be looking at some thing that has stormed the UK in a big way at the beginning of 2016 and that is Jamberry Nails. For all those of you who don’t know what they are here is a little information on what it is. They are a decorative nail wrap you can do at home. For more information please go to the Jamberry website now and find all you need to know.

I actually came across this product from a friend and representative over at Amanda’s Jams Exclusive in Wiltshire and she gave me a sample and the catalogue. I couldn’t wait to try them as the colours and patterns that are available are not only gorgeous and unique but would be hard to replicate by hand. Some of them impossible in fact. When I was browsing through the catalogue the range that instantly stood out to me was their lovely floral ranges as they’re just so pretty, feminine and delicate. They’re also said to last 2 weeks on fingers and 4 on toes!! At £15 for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures it could save you a lot at the nail bar!!


So lets get on and try them…….

What do you need??

Jamberry nail wraps


A hoof stick

A hair dryer

A nail file (but I suggest emery board)

Ok so a quick product description and the wraps come like a sheet of stickers. You cut each sticker in half, once you have the right size, and apply heat then apply to the nail. File to finish and your done.


So I started with my big toe (did toe nails as just got nails done lol) and realised from the get go its was going to be easier to apply it first and THEN add the heat with a hair dryer (careful not to burn yourself) Other wise I knew I’d make a right mess of it! Also I have rather large big toes and ended up using both halves for it. This wouldn’t be a problem if I’d paid for them as it would include larger toe sizes. As you can see I also manage to scuff the corner when filing #TypicalTahnee!!

After I applied the heat they were easy to trim and file off which I was surprised as the wrap is nice and thick so I expected it to be a pain. Smoothing it out with a hoof stick it gives a nice finish. I had a few crinkles but think with practice, not even that much, you could easily NAIL it (did you see what I did there)

I love the patterns on them but my personal favourite is the floral on the big toe as its just soooo pretty! It also only took about 10-15 mins to do so not to long all together seeing as you would do it once every 2/4 weeks. I would probably use these nails on a more dressy outfit or on my big toe with the rest in a colour matched polish for the summer. That way you can regularly change the polish for a more variety.blog_jamberry

I did love these wraps but must confess polish is a lot quicker but it doesn’t last as long. I think also they should have a lot more sizes for nails as some were too big some too small. I did trim them but then they looked odd. I’m not sure if that is taken into account on the actual sheet you’ll be sent. I think I would also prefer smaller sets for a smaller price? On the other side though I love the fact that I can have such versatile designs and so so so many of them!! I think I’ll try them again soon like I said above, on the big toe with polish. I think this is going to give an awesome summer look and a little some thing extra to my pedi! I recommend giving them a try and with free samples available from local representatives WHY NOT!!!

Have any of you tried these wraps? What’s your favourite? Will you have a go yourself now?Let me know in the comments and over at @TahneeBlog. Don’t forget to tag me to your pics with the #NailedItJamberry so I can see all your lovely nails for inspo! Or you can head over to Tahnee’s Blog FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Get over give it a like and I’ll be forever grateful!

Well my little lovelies that is all for today’s blog and I really hope you enjoyed it. As usual please comment, post pics and head over to twitter to keep up to date. I will see you next time!!!

Lots of Love




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