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Hello my lovelies and how is today finding you? Well I hope you’re well! I am very well and enjoying the nice sun shine the UK is having (very rare lol).

Well today’s blog is one for the boys but ladies have a read as you may pick ideas up for the fella, brother or Dad in your life.

First lets discuss how and why men and women’s skin is different and the main factor is facial hair obviously! Men grow beards (I know we do to ladies but shhhh lol) and because of that they have to shave. So here are 2 products that will help with the task and leave you smooth and soft.

 The 1st is the Gillette Fusion Razor.


This razor is great as it has 5 close layered blades giving a really close cut which is exactly what you want. At the same time providing a moisture strip that does make ALL the difference! (just a girl who has used Bic disposables in the past #DRY #sore) My other half uses this and I have on occasions borrowed one of the blade heads lol so know how close it gets (and also the shaving rash ladies). However for men it really is a flexible and reliable product.

The Second is Nivea for men after shave balm.


It’s time to get out of the past where slapping after shave on your face and screaming as it stung are long gone lads! Say hello to Nivea where after shave care is soft, nice smelling and leaves you smooth. This is going to add the moisture back that shaving takes out helping with spots and dry skin. It also includes aloe whose benefits list are endless. A little extra tip would be to condition your beard whilst in the shower to keep the hair softer. This means less friction whilst shaving.

The second main difference is testosterone. This little hormone not only makes the skin thicker but also causes a problem. After puberty the sebum (oil) secretions in males is higher than in women which means spot prone skin lasts longer. First check out my face mask blog as there is a skin type quiz link and that will help here. If you know already here a two products that will help balance that sebum, clean and clear spots.

The first product is this Seaweed Deep cleansing Facial.


You can find this over at The Body Shop. The seaweed extract is going to dry out the excess oils. It’s a gel so foams well and leaves your skin feeling light, dry and smooth. This product is also Paraben free, this is the chemicals they put in cosmestics to make them last longer. Some argue they interfere with a persons hormones. This makes it a good product for men as skin problems can stem from the testosterone hormone.

 The second product is L’Oreal Men’s Expert All-in-One.


This product is designed for after shaving moisturising and has a non greasy texture. This is good as you’ve just gone to the trouble of balancing out oil! It’s formulated to hydrate and cool so it’s really going to help make sure you don’t dry out from shaving.

For the last two products I thought it would be nice to include some thing you can pamper yourself with. EVERYONE deserves a pamper so here are my suggestions for a little treat!

The first is a FACE MASK #YAY. I love face masks and was not about to leave you guys with out one. So here is the Botanics Mens clay Face mask which again, used once a week, this is going to help control excess oils on your face. Thanks to the little ginseng in it though you won’t be left feeling dry and with tight skin.


The second product is SUN TAN LOTION. I know this is a strange one but it’s needed. Men’s skin produces more collagen than women’s skin and the result of this should be men appearing a lot younger at the same ages. However due to men not using sunscreen the sun damage they receive completely erases this. So get that block on before being in the sun and make sure it’s at least factor 30 and don’t let yourself burn! Also remember to listen to your skin if its dry hydrate it and if it’s oily dry it! If you’ve got great skin pffffttttttt jog on 😉 lol.

Any way my lovelies I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the Men’s care section? How do you feel I did (insert worried emoticon)? Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below. Or check out @TahneeBlog or Tahnee’s Blog Facebook. Thanks for popping by and I shall see you next time.

Lots of Love




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