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Lylia Rose

So my lovelies and how are you today? I do hope you’re well!

Today’s blog was created thanks to a brilliant opportunity over at lyliarose.com which is home to Lylia Rose’s blog. From reviews, articles on major world issues, competitions and a WHOLE lot more make sure to go swing by and have a look binge read (lol).

 In particular though it was the little stash of treasures  I found over at her shop. OH MY GOODNESS GUYS from cute scarves, brooches and jewellery to home ware, purses and stationary. With cute and quirky designs alike I’m sure you will find some thing you love. Especially at such amazing prices I actually couldn’t believe it! For now you will have to make do with my wish list for temptation (insert winky face emoticon) so here it is…..


I seriously, seriously could have posted all of their items on here but these are my particular favourites (I think…). My favourite out of these are the elephant notebook because I love elephants and I really like the colours against the grey. I want the owl cushion to as I have a collection of pillows gathering on my bed and that owl would look great. I would love them in (if I had one) a conservatory. They are super cute and quirky and that’s right up my street tree!!??

I really hope you enjoyed this #SuperSurpriseSunday blog and I hope you enjoyed all EIGHT of this weeks blogs! I will link the rest below if you missed any! Until next time be sure to check out lyliarose.com and don’t forget to swing by to Tahnee’s Blog Facebook or over to @TahneeBlog. Give it a follow and retweet  or share the link on there if you enjoyed the blog! Also tag me in any pics of your Lylia Rose treasures I’d love to see what you liked an purchased!

Until next time my lovelies

Lots of Love



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. tahneeflack says:

    It’s a fab selection! It was so hard to limit myself hahaha!


  2. Thank you so much! Great wish list!


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