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Peach Iced Tea

peach ice tea

Hello My lovelies and before we start I would like to say a huge mahoosive thank you to you all for over 600 Twitter followers and over 120 views on my #MondayBlog Product Review!!! YAYY!! I really can’t thank you enough. If you follow my Social Media pages you’ve already heard me say it but, even though this may seem a small and insignificant number for some I am so overwhelmed that over 100 people actually give a crap what I think!! Lol! You guys are THE best!

However lets get on because this Ice tea recipe is going to be your must have, your got to and your must not be with out for the summer and it’s so quick and easy you’re going to be addicted with the first glass!!! I found lots of recipes so took what I liked and applied it and here it is.


3 peaches, quartered and then halved again

1 pint of water

3/4 a pint of sugar

I used a pint glass to measure my water and sugar.

perfect ice tea


1.Get your water, peaches and sugar in a pan and gentle stir regularly until boiling.

2. Once boiling turn it down so its just over half the temperature it was and let it simmer until all the sugar dissolves. Also squish the peaches to pulp.

You’ll know it’s dissolved because you can feel it scratching the pan and then…..you don’t (would you believe it!) Overall this took about 35-40 mins

3. Cover it and leave it (also called to steep it IDK it’s just what it’s called)

4. Make a big batch of tea dependent on how strong you prefer your tea and let go cold.

5. Strain the syrup (could also keep the peachy gooeyness for ice cream as well)

home made ice tea

Now you’re done! I’m serious! The syrup can be stored in a bottle in the fridge and added as and when, or it can be poured into a big batch for all the family! Just add ice n a few peach slices for decoration. You could also add sprinkles or edible glitter to the rim of the glass by rubbing a peach slice ALL over the rim then dip the glass in what ever you like.

Mine turned out great! The first glass was a bit strong as I over brewed my tea but it was still nice! I also over sugared mine a little which is why my glass is more full than what I told you to put in. Also my kitchen smelt like peach pie which is just an added bonus! However I have kept the pulpy gooeyness and I am going to make a pie or tarts or some thing so I’ll let you know how they got on.


Well there you have it guys one recipe for peach iced tea to see you through the summer but you can always just change the fruit to change the tea. Next time I may do an infusion like strawberry and raspberry.. What you suggest? What’s your favourite tea? Let me know in the comments and over on my Social Media pages and give them a follow while you have a nosey lol! #PeachIceTea if you’re over there.

Until next time my lovelies take care of yourselves and thank you for all your support!

Lots of Love Ice_tea5




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