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Cream Cakes

making cream cakes

So my lovelies you really are in for a treat today and I can tell you that! After all it is #SurpriseSaturday. This recipe is so easy and simple you are going to be making these for every occasion you can. These gorgeous cream cakes are a recipe I got from my Mother in law and these have been a family favourite for over a decade. Made on my partners birthday nearly every year since I’ve known him but the first time I ever tried them so here you go my lovelies……..


One packet of Jus-Rol puff pastry,

One pot of double cream,

A bowl of icing sugar (coloured if you wish),

Vanilla essence (optional),

Icing Sugar,


Preheat the oven at about 180Β°f,

Flour the surface and the pastry,

Roll the pastry out on the side,

Slice into small equal squares or rectangles,

easy baking

Place half of the slices on a baking tray,

Place grease proof paper on top of these and another baking tray on the very top,

This is going to keep your bases flat and stable for the cream.

Place the remainder of the slices on another tray,

Place in the oven for about 15/20 minutes,

Once cooked leave to cool completely,

Pour your cream in a bowl and add flavour our colour if you wish and also about 4/5 Table spoons (the big one lol) of the icing sugar,

Continue to whisk (whip) it until it’s really thick. (this can take a while)

Cover the flat pastry in cream.

Mix up some icing and again add flavour or colouring if you wish,

Add the icing to the top of the other pastry and put that on top of the cream,

There you are done! That’s all you need to make these gorgeous and naughty cream cakes! I added vanilla to my cream because I love vanilla but you could add what ever you wanted. Again with the topping I thought some edible glitter would look amazing or even just sprinkles would be nice but look so different!

how to make perfect cream slices

Any way guys that’s all from this weeks surprise blog. Come and leave a comment over at Tahnee’s Blog Facebook, @TahneeBlog over on twitter or tahnees_blog on Instagram. I do hope you enjoyed this surprise blog and stay tuned for Mondays blog!

Until then my lovelies tale care of your selves!

Lots of Love



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