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Rock My Shoes


So my lovelies we all know what my treasures tend to be SURPRISE BLOGS! So
here it is a little hidden gem from the good side of the tinternet and I found  you guys a WINNER!’Rock My Shoes<http://www.rockmyshoes.co.uk/>’ by Nicky Rox is an organised party, hen night, baby shower, wedding shower, and any other occasion you

could think of, craft workshop, where you can take old shoes or new shoes to decorate and I have to say I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Nicky has many years of experience within the field of shoe design and has used her skills to bring a unique experience to you and your friends. She can
show you how to decorate various items with gems and pearls to create and design your own bespoke pieces. From shoes, bags, wellies to Converses. I am
loving the idea of rocking bejazzled N-rocked wellies! I also love the fact it’s not just shoes, can you say matching shoes and bags!!!


The locations are around the country and a venue can be arranged for you but I
would  visit the Locations <http://www.rockmyshoes.co.uk/locations>  page for
full information. This is so good though as it means you’re not limited as to
where you can have the workshop. You can do it somewhere near town then once
you’re done rock those new beauties into town for drinks with friends!!

The prices are also extremely reasonable. They offer three packages each
varying in what they offer and price which is nice to have a selection in case
you’re on a budget. It really would be a great idea before a night out and
when I was looking at the gallery on the site I was blown away by the designs
from the UNQUALIFIED attendees. With the help and guidance of Nicky become a
designer yourself or why not get a Shoe kit<http://www.rockmyshoes.co.uk/shoe-kits> so you can try it at home for yourself (in sets of 1 or 10).


I definitely suggest you go have a look if you or anyone you know is
struggling for a party idea, whatever the occasion may be. I am now trying to
FIND reason to throw a ‘Rock My Shoes<http://www.rockmyshoes.co.uk/>’ party
and if you are looking for more information check out the page.

Thanks for reading again today I hugely appreciate your support on this page
as you guys have been amazing! Don’t forget to check out Nicky Rox
Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/nickyroxshoedesigns/?fref=ts> or the
Tahnee’s Blog Social Media<https://tahneeflack.wordpress.com/1271-2/social-media/> pages. Come and  have a chat and #TahneesBlog so I know where you came from.

Until next time my lovelies,

Lots of Love






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