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Hello my lovelies how are you all? Welcome to all those who have come over from Eltoria’s page! Pleased to have you here and proud to be advertising on her page, make sure to check it out!

Any way on with the show and today I hit the jackpot! A few months ago I purchased a MUA lipstick from my local Superdrug and fell in love. The lipstick is smooth, applies well and doesn’t dry my lips. The shades they had were really pretty and I decided to go take a look at their page. This is where I hit the JACKPOT!!!!!!

They have all ranges including foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks and so much more. What shocked me was is their prices! I’ve yet to see an item over Β£10 (there probably is but yet to see it) so this sight is great if your a teen (pocket money problems)or, like me, like a bargain bit of makeup but keeping the quality with it. They also have a great blog with inspiration and techniques that are amazing!

I have literally filled my basket (lol) but here I thought I’d share the purchases I made and will definitely review them for you when they arrive!

I noticed blue eye shadow and liners strewn across the cat walks in the recent fashion shows that have been going on. So I shall be getting my self this little palette of eye shadow…..

Photo credit MUA

I love the fact this palette has the blues I want but a couple of more natural colours to! It’s like two palettes in one and for only Β£4 you can’t go wrong!

Now the second items are Lipstick (also the name of said lipstick lol) in ‘Shade 2’ which is a gorgeous red/purpley plum colour with a liner in ‘Brooding Plum’. I seriously can not wait to get these in my make up bag. I can get a little stuck in my day to day looks and forget to switch it up. A bold lip likes this can completely transform your look. You could go the day nude lipped and stick it on and be ready for a night out! I love those sort of easy, take you through the day and night products ! Plus the plum colour is so on trend still so why not rock a bold colour?


Photo Credit MUA

I also love the convenient and handy sharpener on the lid of the liner! Nothing worse than being out and reapply just to have it break! Such a nifty little idea!!

The final Item I will be including is the whipped velvet bronze and again I need this in my make up bag! I have pale skin so a bronzer or a cheek contour is a must for me as foundation takes my tones (As in Casper the friendly ghost)! Remember your skin is naturally different colours and foundations take that away so you have to put it back in! It says the formula can be built up to have desired effect. This will be good for me as we all tan some in summer so this should help me with that, keeping my tones even and natural looking!


Photo Credit MUA

Really can’t wait to review these items for you lovelies as I feel this really is going to be a good brand and I can’t wait to try them! I had more in my basket to order and can go over those and review, when I order them.

Until then my loves be good and if you can’t be good be careful πŸ˜‰ lol (I’m lying just be good!) Don’t forget to check out my Social Media pages my loves and I shall speak to you again there! Also thank you to MUA for allowing to feature their products and use their pictures! You guys are awesome thank you.

Lots of Love



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