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Dead Sea Mud Pac

7th Heaven best face mask

Hello my lovelies and here we are again for another 7th Heaven face mask review and as ever I am excited to be trying some of the masks I have never tried before! I actually got myself a little haul of them on offer as they were the last ones and I bought them all (hahaha, so me) . So here is my review for Dead Sea Mud Pac.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this mask as my skin has been feeling a but horrible at the moment and it really helped. It is a hard clay mask for combination oily skin which is good for me. It was easy to apply as it was really nice and thick so it didn’t drip either. It’s smell was pretty neutral and because it is all natural it didn’t sting your eyes or burn.

best beauty masks

It said on the package to wait 15 but I had to wait 20 instead for it to fully dry. I’m not sure if this was because I was so generous with it (lol). However it dried well and it didn’t pull or tighten my face either. It was a very comfortable face mask.

best dead sea mask

After washing my face with warm water and applying my faithful T-zone moisteriser my skin felt really oil free which was so nice. However it wasn’t to drying that my skin felt tight. This is important for my T-zone area as I suffer with oily dry flakiness there if I don’t take care of skin.


I definitely recommend this mud pac as it really was a relaxing treat!! I can’t wait to treat myself to this one again!

Well that’s all from today’s #SurpriseSaturday and I hope you enjoyed it! Why not head over to my Social Media pages to keep up to date with all the sneak peeks I post over there! Let me know what your favourite 7th Heaven product is!

Lots of Love



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