How to….Make up

Blue Eye Shadow

Hello my lovelies I hope you’re well! I have been perusing the looks from the fashions weeks gone by from all the runways (this was on Cosmopolitan mainly) and a CLEAR trend comes out (and terrifies me but we’ll nail this together) that being BLUE eye shadow.


Now as I said blue eye shadow (colours to be honest) scares the crap out of me. You need to avoid the grandma look (lol) However I have decided to just jump right in and ordered the most GORGEOUS MUA palette, Winter Forest. The colours are vibrant and bold and we are going to conquer this!! Here is the look I created using this eye palette as well as MUA gel liner and also their Lipstick in shade #14. (My hair!!! lol it was a messy bun!)


I used darker blues on the outside and top and lighter on the lid and inner corner of eye! This pattern is usually the best for me as it gives my eyes nice definition without looking like I been in the ring with Rocky (lol).


Well there you go my loves! My first proper make-up blog! I hope you liked this blog and it inspired you to be more bold with your make-up. Show me your #Bold look over on at any of my Social Media pages I’d love to see them! Maybe your a #Bold lip kinda person so show me your #Bold no matter how you wear it!!
Until our next blog my lovelies!!

 Lots of Love




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