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Hello my lovelies how are you?? I hope your well and healthy and if you’re not I hope you are soon.
So today’s blog is a parents MUST HAVE for the up coming summer holidays or to finish the British half term. Also if you have more than one child, like I do, it may possibly buy you 10 minutes peace without quarrels (lol).

It is craft ideas to do with children of all ages that are created using paper plates! The thing I like most about this is it’s so cost effective and plain paper plates are not really expensive. I picked up 30 for Β£1 in my local Factory Shop. I am about to show you they can go along way……



Lets start with a classic! Your child can be their favourite Super hero or Disney character. The only limit is your imagination and with children that won’t end! My two boys decided on a funny face for my eldest, 5 and GLUE was the main motif for my youngest, 2.(lol)

It’s so easy and quick also if you don’t have lots of craft bits for decoration you can always use some pencils and pens. However if you do have a larger selection of crafts available why not go all out. Use wool for hair, pom poms, glitter etc. There was also relatively no mess so a winner in my books!



So I usually make these at Easter as their perfect for turning into bunnies. Instead I just let the boys decide what they wanted to put on it and we used it to go on a nature walk and collect some bits we found.

Again this was minimal fuss and you could just use pencils and pens for decoration or more if you wanted. You will need glue and/or sellotape to secure it. Other than that another awesome little make.



I love this one and it works great. Decoration, again is as optional as you want and MUCH cheaper than a plastic one.



YES! This is by far my favourite as you can get the kids to put on a show after which is always guaranteed to be funny. Again you can use just pens and pencils. Perhaps some paper eyes glued on. You will also need sticky tape or glue again for handles.

As I said by fair my favourite make and easy to do. It kept my boys occupied for quite a while as they were making then playing with them. Again basically no mess if your just using pens and pencils. Maybe supervise glitter use (lol) if it’s out but a really fun make.

Well my lovelies that’s all from today’s blog and I do hope it’s helpful! Anyone can comment on my blogs now so let me know what you have or would like to try. Also you can show me your makes over on my Social Media with #tahneesblog. I’d love to see them!

Until next time my lovelies take care of yourselves!

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