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7th Heaven

So my lovelies here we are again with another …….face mask review and it will be my last for a while as it’s all I seem to review at the moment (lol). I will openly admit I am a little obsessed with the 7th Heaven ones as they really are that good but let’s get on with it!

The first thing I wanted to mention was how nice this peel smelled! Even though it is a cucumber based mask it had this zesty lime scent to it that was actually mouth watering. Also because 7th Heaven only use natural ingredients it was too strong when you applied it. It really is lovely.


Now when I applied it I found it was thick which is usually fine but because it had a gel consistency, I did have dripping which can be a nuisance. Apart from that it applied well and felt nice on. It took a little over 20 minutes to dry which is what it said on the packet. It came off in one go which was nice as it meant less mess.

However I have to say I didn’t find this did much for my skin! I applied it as I had a few black heads I wanted to treat but I found it just made my skin oilier than usual. Even the next day it feels very oily! I think I will avoid this one in the future and find a peel mask that isn’t going to make my skin produce more oil.


Well my loves I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and that you make sure to pamper yourself this week! If you have dry flaky skin I do suggest trying this mask as I feel it could help there. Don’t forget to check out my Social Media pages and say hi. Maybe give me some inspiration for another range to try out? Or let me know your favourite 7th Heaven product!

Lots of Love


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  1. JadeyJ says:

    I am obsessed with 7th heaven! lol glad I’m not the only one, they’re are so good! Love your review x


    1. I know they’re just to nice lol! So no defo not just you hun! Thank yu so much so glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ xx


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