Summer Bag Essentials

Summer Essentials

So my lovelies the beautiful summer weather is here! I am so glad that it is as my town is so pretty in the sunshine. How have you been enjoying it? I have spent lots of time in the garden with my boys and can’t wait for the day trips to commence. The beach, friends/family houses, the park. Where ever you go, especially as a mum, you need your essentials, right?.

Here I have put together for you my top 10 must haves, all links below, for your summer handbag essentials and I hope you enjoy it….


I have to say my favourites are the Amy Childs sunglasses as I am in love with the shape and the New Look water flask. I will also 100% be investing in the mini sun lotion and SPF lip balm as the sun dries my lips out and sun protection is obviously really important. It’s nice to know I can top up when I’m out!

Well there you have it guys I do hope you enjoyed today’s blog and it got you thinking about those ‘Must haves’ in your summer bag. What are your essentials? Will you be adding some of these? Let me know over on my Social Media pages.

Until next time my lovelies take care!!!

Lots of Love


Here are all the links guys,

Beach Bag –

Harry Potter – Amazon (This is a pre order item for July 31st 2016)

Water Bottle – New Look

Hand Fan – Amazon

Lip Stain – MUA

Zoella Beauty Bag – Superdrug

Amy Childs Sunglasses –

Nivea Lip Balm – Superdrug

Soltan Mini Lotions – Boots

Perfume Samples – Ebay


Let me know what you think.....

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