False Lashes

How to Apply
When you’re terrible

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I hope you’re well and taking care of yourselves? Today’s blog is a little how to for those darn fake lashes. I have wanted to be wearing these for ages but I found a real problem with applying them. Yes I could go to a salon and get them done but I refuse to pay that much money for them.


Instead I opted to buy a set of ten from Ebay for £1.99 and also ordered some Duo glue to adhere them This was a long time before I started blogging (lol).
Now as my bestie, Kerry, will tell you I had a lot of fails over the months! I went to her house one day looking like……well there just aren’t words for it (Sunglasses were a must lol)! No matter how hard I tried, or how many youtube tutorials I watched, I just couldn’t do it! I eventually gave up.

Then I had a brain wave! So here it is and I really hope it helps you as it did me to rock those extra long lashes. My guide of how to apply lashes when your terrible at applying lashes.


First Step

Apply all foundation makes up as normal and finish your eye shadow. Also apply a coat of mascara.

2nd Step

Now carefully cut your false lashes to fit your own lashes from end to end.

3rd Step

Carefully cut the lashes in the middle, in two pieces, being extra careful not to cut any of the lashes off.

4th Step

Apply glue to the lash that will go on the inner eye section, gently apply with tweezers. Also press it onto the eye lid with the end of the tweezers for a secure connection.

5th Step

Glue the lash that will go on the outer section of your eye and again apply with tweezers. Again press onto the lid for security.

6th Step

Now finish with your liquid liner.


There you have it! The secret was cutting it in half and it worked! It was so much easier to do as when I applied one end the other side didn’t pop up. Also you can just wear them on the outer eye and it gives a really fluttery lash look with this technique. If this has helped you pop over to my Social Media  pages so you can tag me in your #lashtastic pics. I want to see them all!

Thank you for popping in today and until next time my lovelies please take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Lots of Love


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    love it can u do a more natural everyday look next timee! Cant wait to try this as I really struggle with them x


    1. Thank you so much Sam and yeah I will do a more day to day look over the next week or two hun xxx


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