Swimwear 2016

For The Whole Family

Hello my lovelies I hope you are well and enjoyed my last blog the lovely Frappuccino recipe. Today’s blog is all about swim wear for men, women and children so make sure you and the whole family are super stylish and ready for summer.

 Here is the women’s…..


My favourite pieces are the bikini from Primark and what a steal at on £7. Also really love the slip ons from E5P as they are so me! I love a bit of punkiness in all my outfits!

Links will be below so go grab what you like now and get ready to rock summer 2016.

Thanks for popping by and don’t forget to check out my Social Media pages for more bits and bobs that I share. This will also include the FOUR other swim wear blogs this weekend! That’s right, you have all been so amazing and active recently I decided to do the men’s, boys, girls and teens swim wear blogs to include more!!! Another going up a little later today and then 2 tomorrow!

Lots of Love 



Ellie wool Hat

Bikini top

Bikini Brief

Red bathing suit

Stud Slip on


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