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Salad In A

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I do hope you are well on this fine Thursday after all only one more day until Friday!!

Today’s blog is a perfect idea if you’re heading out this weekend with the kids, friends, significant other or any other human being that may enjoy salads. Yes it’s in the title, salad in a jar. Now I saw this on Facebook or twitter or some other social media site and thought it was such a good idea. I wanted to share it so here it is…..



Any thing you want!!!
It is more about how you stack it over what is in it but for arguments sake I used,

One tin (of dolphin friendly) Tuna,
One handful of cooked whole wheat pasta,
Light Mayonnaise,
Salt & Pepper,



1. Cook the pasta until soft and wait to cool,
I also run mine under a cold tap just to help it along when cooling.
2. Mix the tuna, mayo and seasoning in a bowl, you could also add spring onion or normal onion here also.
3. slice the cucumber and radish into small slices, I quartered my slices.
4. TEAR the lettuce.



1.So the key is liquids on the bottom so if you had a garnish, or a mayonnaise it goes in first.
2.Next is some thing thick so either layered cucumber, tomatoes or radish’ (etc). Or you can opt for a pasta (like me) or rice. It needs to be able to create a block. So I put pasta in next.
3.Then vegetables and I had cucumber and radish but I would also use bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, avocado or even raw mushrooms, the list is endless.
4.Then leaves are last so any lettuce, rocket, spinach are going to go at the top. You could also sprinkle some nuts or seeds on the top.

That is it my lovelies! The possibilities are endless and it so convenient especially for a picnic. I used a Ragu jar I soaked and cleaned and I’m glad I did as this is perfect for busy days when you may not have time to stop as you can eat from the jar. Alternatively you can tip it in a bowl and the order of every thing is still correct. I like the you can also makes these up the night before as well. Just pop it in your bag and go!
Perfect for picnics as it takes up far less space than a Tupperware tub  and would be enough for two people, in my jar any way, so perfect for sharing.


I really hoped you enjoyed today’s blog and don’t forget to check out my TwitterFacebook and Instagram for more regular updates. Take care of yourself my lovelies.

Lots of Love


Let me know what you think.....

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