Product Review

Turtlemeter by Ozeri


Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent with friends, family and gardening. However let’s get on shall we!
Today I am bringing to you a wonderful gift I was sent by Ozeri. Ozeri are a company who make modern and stylish digital life style products, usually for swanky hotels and private resorts. However they are reaching out to the modern house hold with all their new products. Please check out Amazon for an extensive list of ALL the products available.

So as I said I was sent a wonderful product to try and it was the Turtlemeter and I have to say I am  over the moon with it. I was excited to try it as  my eldest son always says the bath is too hot. I know it’s not as my youngest is already happily splashing, so now there are no tantrums or arguments.


The packaging is very simple to understand but contains ALL the information you need and that is so handy. Also the have little pops at the top which make it so easy to pop open instead of wrestling with it like a croc!!

The turtle itself is a great quality and super cute. Durable plastic with a light up digital display it really is so easy to use! All you do is put it in and the contact with the water tells you immediately the temperature. It also uses handy colours to help you and it’s green for cold, red for hot and blue for just right. No more faffing with wrist and elbows and still not being any the wiser. Just pop in and go. It re-reads the temperature every second so you always have an up to date reading which again is so handy as you don’t want the little ones getting cold.


It also has made a great addition to the bath toys and my little boy LOVED playing with it! It is fully submersible in water and won’t be damaged so you don’t need to worry about them playing with it either.


As I said I am really impressed with this product and I know it will save me time when it comes to bathing the boys! It would be perfect for newborns to as I always found that a struggle but now it doesn’t have to be!


Don’t forget to check out both Amazon UK and Amazon FR for all their great products including their gorgeous glasses (homeware) range, pans, scales and even bottle openers. I am sure you will love their stylish, sleek but usable range of products!

Also come pop by and say hello on my Social Media pages as I love talking to all and until next time be safe and well my lovelies!!

Lots of Love


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