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Hello my lovelies and welcome to this #SaturdaySurprise blog! I know I haven’t done one in a while so here it is.

I got to try the Forever Living Mask Powder, Marine Mask (again lol) and the Sonya Balancing creme. All thanks to the lovely Sammy over at Believe so go say hi. As I have featured the Marine mask before I will start there.

Marine Mask

The same as before the applications is easy thanks to the thickness of the mask and the easy tube it comes it so you just squeeze and go. It feels nice on and take only 10-15 minutes to dry and my skin was left feeling dry of oil but did not leaving my skin dehydrated. I love this mask as it really does rid me of any oil I have on my face and keeps it away for a few days. I think I may need to purchase this now as I would really like to add this to my gradually building new routine! (I’ll share it soon).
As I said this product is great as it actually works and that’s what you want right? lol. At the price of £19.09 I feel this is reasonable! One mask a week and a large pot of 4oz it will last you a few months so really good value!

Mask Powder
                Botox In A Bottle
So the next product I tried was the Mask Powder. With this mask Forever step it up a notch and it is a mask you mix yourself. This mask is going to help with fine lines and wrinkles and is known through out the company as ‘Botox In A Bottle’. You add a teaspoon of the powder then a teaspoon of the activator liquid mix and you’re ready to go. I actually only put it under my eyes and I didn’t want to irritate the bits of my skin that didn’t need it. I think it’s always good to work out where you need it and don’t over do it for the sake of it. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes or just over and I have to say I was impressed. I saw an INSTANT result with this and I was impressed and how reduced the fine lines around my eyes were.
The mask was a little uncomfortable as it really does get tight but considering it actually worked I don’t see that as to much of a problem!
I definitely recommend this if you’re feeling a little creased and want a pamper WITH ACTUAL IMMEDIATE RESULTS go give it a go. It’s a little costly at around £28 but it could save you going for that actual botox saving you tons of money!!
Here is a Before….
Also and after……

Sonya Balancing Creme
So, in my opinion, I saved the best until last and that is the Sonya Balancing Creme. I used this after I had the Mask Powder and a little cleanse with my usual T-Zone.
This product is GORGEOUS! The cream is light and I was worried it was to light and wouldn’t give me the moister I needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It applied and felt like a primer if I am honest. It left my skin so silky and soft but it felt really pampered as well.
The smell, like all Forever products, was subtle but nice and I really can’t recommend this cream enough. The morning after my skin still felt great and after priming and applying my make up I saw a real difference. My make up applied better than usual and I swear down it did! I am very interested into adding this to my collection but at £26.23 it is a little expensive. I however feel this price tag represents its quality and with the pot being 2.5oz I feel, again, the pot would last you a few months. Making the price a little more reasonable.

So there we have it my loves busting the myths behind those ‘Annoying’ post on your facebook feed. I highly suggest if you know a rep go ask for a trial of a product just to see how great they are. Also no matter what skin type you have they have a product for you. What ever skin trouble you may have, they have a product for you.
If you know me then get over to Believe Forever Living Facebook page brought to by Forever Living Rep Sammy. Or if you don’t have a rep you can buy straight from Forever them selves over at Forever Living.
Also if you’re feeling extra generous with your clicking you can always check out my Social Media so you can keep up to date with my uploads!
Thanks for popping by for this #SurpriseSaturday blog and Ii hope you enjoyed it! I will see you again Monday and until then make sure to have a wonderful weekend!

Lots Of Love


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