Tahnee’s Treats

Tuna Melt

So my lovelies and welcome to my Monday blog and today I’m showing you how to make the EASIEST and QUICKEST tuna melt. My Mum made me these whilst pregnant and I fell in love with them. I hadn’t had one for ages but after having one for lunch last week I wanted to share it so here it is…..


Two Slices of bread,



Spring Onion,

Slices of Cheese,

Salt and pepper.


  1. Put both slices of bread under the grill and toast one side,
  2. Turn the toast but only lightly toast one slice on this side and fully toast the other,
  3. Take the lightly toasted slice and add the cheese,tunamelt2
  4. Put Tuna, mayo, spring onion and seasoning in a bowl and mix,
  5. Put cheese on toast back in the grill,
  6. Add the Tuna to other slice,
  7. Once the slice of cheese n toast is done place on top of the Tuna slice.

And there you have it!!


That is all you need to do and if you made this with a light cheese it can be as healthy as you want! I love these as they’re tasty but fast and fill you up well also. I like the fact you can add different things more suited to your own taste as well.
Thank you for popping by today and I hope you treat yourself with this delicious sandwich. Also don’t forget to pop by my Social MediaΒ to keep up to date and let me know any suggestions you may like to see or have for me to try.
Thank you lovelies and new blog on Thursday so I will speak to you then.

Lots Of Love


Let me know what you think.....

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