Steal The Style

Kylie Jenner Edition

Hello my loves and welcome to Thursday’s blog! I hope all my fellow Brits have been enjoying this gorgeous weather we’ve had. I know I have sunbathing and splashing in the pool with my little family.

Any way my lovelies on with the show and today I am helping you steal the Kylie Jenner look! Of course make sure to check out her Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for ALL her looks.


My favourite pieces are the crochet halter which is really cute and only £8!!! I also really love the shoes with the rose gold heel. Kylie’s outfits probably are quite expensive at times so under £100 for this whole outfit is not bad. You could of course still find it cheaper and let me know if you do (insert winky face lol).
With the sleek jeans and the cute choker necklace this has real Kyliesque vibe but some thing you can wear to meet friends and not feel over dressed.
Also if you want to buy the style check out the Kendall and Kylie collection which both girls often wear
Also pop over to my Social Media pages if you want to stay up to date my loves.
That’s all from today’s blog my loves and I hope enjoyed it and were inspired to go steal the style for less yourself! Happy bargain hunting my lovelies and I shall speak to you on monday. Have a lovely weekend and spend it with the people you love!

Lots of Love


4 Comments Add yours

  1. D xx says:

    That top is a steal! Love this look very kylie!!


    1. Ikr!!!! Thank you hun I love it too! So much more affordable lol xxx


  2. Ali says:

    Love this look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you my lovely glad you like it xx


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