Hello my loves and how are you today? I hope you had a lovely weekend and I for one was very grateful of no school run this morning!!
Today I will be showing you a new makeup technique I have stumbled upon and I am thrilled that I have. It’s called ‘Baking’ and I am going to show you how it’s done.

Start with a clean and moisterised face (I like a good 10-20 minute gap before applying makeup). I start with primer and apply any green concealer where I might need it. I am using Barry M primer and for the green, just a palette concealer that I am not sure of the brand. Then dampen your makeup sponge lightly and apply your foundation as normal. I am currently using one of the teardrop makeup sponge, I ordered off ebay.


Now it’s time to bake!! Apply one layer of pretty thick concealer and I have gone for the MUA Hide and Conceal concealer. Apply a decent sized triangle under your eye and blend out with a slightly dampened sponge again. Next apply another layer of concealer and I have used Barry M light reflecting concealer. It’s more of a liquid and applies better on top of the MUA concealer.
Now this second application is more of an option and isn’t required for the ‘baking’ to work but with 2 little boys and the eyes bags to match……I use two layers hahaha!!!

Now apply a first layer of powder on top of the concealer with a brush and make sure you cover all the concealer. Next you will need either your sponge damp again or better yet damp with a fixing spray and I am using the MUA fixing spray (yes I am obsessed with MUA I really am lol). LOAD the sponge with powder and really apply it!! I mean REALLY apply it.

Now you need to wait 10 minutes or so for it to ‘bake’ and I use this time to finish off my look. Then once your 10 minutes are up just dust the powder off lightly. I tend to stay in my pj’s whilst doing this as I don’t want my clothes covered in powder. It can be a little messy.

After you’ve brushed it off finish applying any blush, contour, bronzer etc, finish the powder on the rest of your face and you’re done.

I hope you enjoyed this blog today and I hope this amazing technique can help you lovelies at home.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxxx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tazzy says:

    Definitely trying this!!


    1. Do hun it really is a great technique!!


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