7th Heaven

Red Hot Earth
Sauna Mask

Hello my loves I do hope you are well and I am just about to help you feel even better. I tried out the Red Hot Earth Sauna mask from 7th Heaven and COULD NOT wait to share with you.
So this is by far my favourite mask EVER and I shall share why in a little while but first application.
I find the only problem I have with 7th heaven is dripping and this mask was no different. I got it all over my lounge carpet. However it applied well and didn’t drip while it was on. S0 I’m thinking they made need to start making pots as well as sachets.
The smell was so subtle I could only smell sweetness but it was still pleasant. Again when it was on the smell was fine and no stinging of the eyes.

Once applied the magic happens and it starts to warm!! I can’t explain it, I don’t want to know how it works, I have decided it is magic and that’s how it shall stay. It is sensational though and feels the same temperature as a warm bath and is sooo relaxing.
I took full advantage and relaxed for 15 minutes for it to work. This mask doesn’t dry though and I managed to cover my hands when i forgot and went to itch (lol).saunamask3

My skin after a moisturised felt clean, smooth and fresh and I felt relaxed and pampered. I would definitely suggest trying this mask and I will 100% be adding more of these to my collection. It really was fab and the heat was EVERYTHING I needed, wanted and more.

Overall I feel this is now one of my favourite masks, seriously, and I look forward to using it again. When I may have dry or flaky skin as it was very hydrating or I just feel like a pamper as it really was like relaxation in a packet!!saunamask4

Well my lovelies that is all from today’s blog and I do hope you really enjoyed it. I know I did and I really can’t recommend this product enough!

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Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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