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Hello my lovelies and welcome to another blog. I hope today see’s you well and happy and healthy.

As you all probably know by now I have a slight obsession for M.U.A makeup and there are two main reasons for that. The price and I mean wow!!! Lipsticks for Β£1 and these are my favourite of their pieces as they have such a vast colour variety and also glosses to mattes from lipsticks to stains, it’s all there.
The second reason is the colours! They are always vibrant when they’re meant to be and there are lots of shades, colour palettes to choose from.

That is what leads us to this blog because if you have read my My Introduction than you will know that I let myself a go a bit (all the way) in the hair and makeup department. So I decided to invest in a new Autumnal colour palette ready for the months ahead.


  1. Solstice Palette
  2. Pro Base Prime and Conceal
  3. Fawn Fancy Matte Lipstick
  4. Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick
  5. Travel Eyelash Curler
  6. Brow Define Mascara

So here is the eyeshadow swatches and I am so excited to try some looks with this. The metallics are so bold and gorgeous! mixed with the plums and purples urgh stunning!!MUA_haul_eyeshadow

Concealer swatch and I have to say they feel very thin when you pick it up off the palette. I had a little try and the coverage is great so no worries there. I am going to blog about which concealers do which, it can be so confusing, so keep your eyes peeled for that lovelies.MUA_Haul_concealer

Here are the lipsticks swatches.

Now I have actually tried both of these on and the Fawn I love especially for the Autumn/Winter months and probably beyond It’s looks very natural and easy on. However I was a little disappointed in the pink as it is barely visible. I will try it out properly and let you know if it’s better but I’m not holding out hopes. Maybe I can just wear it as a literally nude lipstick haha.MUA_Haul_Lipstick

Next is the mini travel eyelash curler and I love it! It pops open and the handle appears. the rubber is pretty wide so cover a lot of the lashes and really added that bit of extra curl you sometimes want.MUA_Haul_eyebrows_lash

Finally I got the Brow define mascara (pictured above) and this was to work in combination with my Tanya Burr Perfect Brow kit. Just to hold them in place mostly.

I am also going to create a few Autumn looks with these product so we can really test their metal-lics (ooo jokes lol). So pop over to my Social Media pages and you won’t miss a thing.

Thanks for popping my by my loves and I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Looks like a cool list of products.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sash says:

    Love the solstice palette xxx


    1. It is gorgeous!! xxx


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