DIY Facemask


Hello my loves and how are you all? I am feeling a little rough today to be honest so think I’m getting the dreaded lurgy (sad face).


I am so excited about today’s blog though and it is a DIY Facemask using PVA glue. Now I know what you’re thinking but trust me it’s ok.
Now I first saw this on a random youtube video being used to treat blackheads and then I had an idea. So many of my Eden’s Semilla aromatherapy oils are so good for your skin so let’s go for it.

Kids PVA glue, the white one,
Tea Tree Oil,
Sandalwood Oil,
Pine Tree Oil,
Rosemary Oil,



  1. Put about 3tbs of glue in a bowl.
  2. Add 2 drops of each oil.
  3. Mix well.


BOOM!! Done!! The Tea Tree and Pine Tree are going to fight spots and the Sandalwood is said to be anti aging which is great. Then the Rosemary is going to help with under eye bags and toning of the skin. So I had a steam bath with 2 drops of each oil in for about 5 minutes. Washed my face with a warm, clean cloth and dried with a clean towel. I then applied the glue with a makeup brush and it took a good 25 minutes to dry.
Peeling it off was a little ‘OOOHH WOW’ at moments (ladies lol) but always remember to peel up when removing masks. However the result was amazing as I saw a noticeable difference on the mask. A bit eww but it cleared so much grossness!! Also it left my skin really smooth and took off all the small, light hairs on my face.


Afterwards I washed my face with some clean, warm water and dried again. I then put a clean wet cloth on my face to help close my pores.After all that (lol) I used a little bit of my T-Zone moisteriser which again is Tea Tree based so perfect for this.
This combo really is amazing and will be becoming a once a week job.

This mask can also get tight so not suggested all over for flakey or sensitive skin. It could possibly damage your skin, perhaps just use it on problem areas like chin, nose and forehead.

Anyway my lovelies I hope this has helped you at home and don’t forget to pop over to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you’re always up to date.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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