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Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I hope you’re well and enjoying this late sunshine? I’m not going to lie I would like it to be a bit sunnier but there have been lots of park walks for me and mine this summer and now Autumn is on the way!


However let’s move on with today’s blog and it is my final Forever Living blog for a while and this one was brought to you by my lovely friend Sam and you can find her page PerfectlyPampered o the face of book.          .
She gave me this little lot to try so let’s see what it was like.


So here is how it instructed me to use it……

Aloe Purifying Cleanser

So this is step one of the Sonya Skin Care routine and it was really nice. Taking all makeup residue and dirt whilst still moisturising your skin and who doesn’t want that! I applied a couple of small drops over my face and then cleaned it off

Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator

So next it was the exfoliator and the guidelines said to do this 2 to 3 times a week. This product felt so luxurious and thick and it felt clean and fresh after but I have to say I prefer a larger bead for my exfoliator. That’s not to say that it didn’t do it’s job as it did and the cucumbery scent was lovely and very spa like.

Aloe Refreshing Toner

Next I used the toner and this was really lovely! Again that same neutral and spa like smell and really cleaned well. Especially in those little bits you may miss when washing your face. It also didn’t dry my skin out as some toners can do and you’re scrambling for the moisturiser as your face might crack (lol). Highly recommend this toner.

Aloe Nourishing Serum

So the serum is a thick moisteriser but feels light once absorbed. It applied really nicely and felt very luxurious. Once applied my skin felt soft and smooth and strokable, which I did not do obviously!! Just a little bit or else it wouldn’t have been a fair review to you lovelies :p.

Aloe Balancing Cream

So this was the last stage and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! My absolute favourite product of the collection that I’ve tried. I have tried this before and already new how good it was and was glad to use this again. It feels like a primer an leaves you with that silky skin that I definitely didn’t touch. OK I sat there stroking my cheek for the next, like, half hour……I have no defence hahaha!! It is so good and I love the way it makes my skin feel fed! As if it has been given everything it could possibly need! So in love!

My skin was left feeling like I had been to the spa as it was feeling so healthy and taken care of. The price tag however is A LOT at £100 and over. However I feel the quality of these products are worth the price. You only ever need a few drops of each product so they will also last you a decent amount of time. Also I can’t express enough my love for the Balancing Cream (£30ish a tub) I will have to purchase a pot, once I am on the road and learning to drive isn’t taking up every penny!! I also felt that I wouldn’t necessarily need ALL the items and you can pick choose which works best for you!

So my loves that is all from today’s blog and my last Forever Living/Sonya for a little while. I started the Forever blogs as I find my Facebook feed full of adverts for it and it seems like a fad but it’s not. Don’t ignore those Facebook posts as rubbish, these products are great. Not all of them are suitable for me but I have found loads that I really like and ACTUALLY WORK! I feel products like this can get a bad rep by the way they are sold and marketed, online or through social media. However if you have a rep you know and you’re umming and arghing ask if the have samples as they really do have something for everyone.

Don’t forget to go check out my Social Media pages. With a huge thanks for getting me over 3000 followers on Twitter and over 1000 on Instagram recently. As I have said, to others, this may not seem a lot. However to me it is amazing that over 4000 of you guys follow me! Care what I say or write about, it blows my mind! So a HUGE thank you loves.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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