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Concealer Colour Correction

Hello my lovelies and I hope you are all well!

Today’s blog is a guide to concealer and what all those different colours are about. I remember being young and seeing green makeup in my Mum’s makeup bag and thinking…What!?!?!?
Now colour correcting has done wonders for me since I read up on it. I wanted to share it with you as the no makeup look is huge at the moment and this is perfect for that in particular. Starting with a concealer colour wheel.


As you can see this shows you what colour is opposite and will blend out the other. So if I have really red cheeks or a red pimple I will use green. If I have blueish undertones under my eyes I will use orangey or peachier tones to fade them out.

The next section is more of a rough guide. I have added pictures through out of my own concealer routine to give you a better idea of how it works.

Green concealer is used to balance the colour red out. So I for example get redness across my nose and cheeks. I use green concealer to cover it and also to cover any redness from pimples or spots.


Purple concealer helps to tone out the colour yellow. Such as the yellowing of under eye bags, bruises and can be used to tone out dark spots on more bronzed skin. I also use this for darker shades on my face. Usually on these really dark patches I have under my eyes.


The pinks are for fairer skin types and can be used to help under eye bags and redness on the face.

The more orangey red tones are meant for darker skin tones helping to cancel out dark eye bags and dark spots. However I watched a video recently over on Bryony Blake’s Youtube suggesting to use it for under eye darkness and I use this under my whole eye area now. I tried to get a picture but its was too good and you couldn’t see it (lol).

The peaches are for mediums skins and again neutralises blue shades associated with eye bags.

This is for olive or tanned skin and will help even out blue/purple eye bags and any dark spots on the face. However I get darker shades here near my mouth so use a little here.

Then I apply my foundation and add a little liquid concealer under my eyes, I’m using Barry M. That’s it done you can finish off with powder and you’re good to go! Or Bake it for a perfect finish.


So there you have it guys! I really hope this colour corrective blog helped. Please leave a comment if it did and also pop over to my Social Media pages and share some pics!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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