Witch’s Potion Bath

Zoella and Lush
Witch’s Potions Bath

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re well and that the colds going round are not effecting you! I however still have mine and it’s poo!!

Today’s blog is a Halloween special of a Witch’s Potion Bath for you to relax and enjoy or alternatively make one for your little ones, like I did as well, to enjoy in this spooky season.


For this particular brew I used half of a very festive Lush Pumpkin bath bomb. Half a Lush Frozen bath bomb and together they make that gorgeously gruesome green colour.


I then added a good glug of Zoella bath latte and Ta Da!!!


Now I was concerned that it would smell a little over powering or just to much but it had a smokey bonfire scent from the Pumpkin and then sweetness from the Frozen and bath latte. Incredible and so relaxing but also LOOK at it!!


I added a few eyeballs for the kids and they loved it and had creepy candles myself to up the relax factor and now I am excited to plan more mash ups!!


Hope you enjoyed today’s blog and let me know if you try this or it has inspired you to try your own but I am loving it!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx



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