Last Minute Halloween Makeup

Quick and Easy 
Halloween Makeup


Hello my lovelies and how are you all today? I hope you’re good and getting excited for Halloween. I have been indulging in it since the 1st of October (lol) and now the house is done I moved onto myself.
Her is my quick and easy Halloween makeup……


Start by applying your normal base foundation along with brows, I made mine slighter thicker than normal for this look.


I then used a trio of colours for the MUA Solstice Palette, Feather light to start. I used this over the whole lid and extra in the inner eye corner. I then used Corrupt on the outer corner of eye. Then finally blended the two in the centre with Coal grey and then blended it all out. I then added a little more Coal grey to my inner eye.
I then moved onto eyeliner for the 1st eye and I started with a normal line across my lash line. Now the trick is to make the triangular shape you see in the picture below.

halloweenmakeup_weboneyeThen (practice before on your hand) use arches to join them and straight lines through it to make it look like a web. It’s hard to describe (lol). I used the Rimmel Scandal eyes ‘Thick & Thin’ and I swear this is the best liquid eyeliner I’ve EVER tried! It’s applies with little effort but with precision. Lasts well and you can easily create any eyeliner look, with a little practice.


From there I finished the other eye with normal liner. Added eyeliner on my higher and lower water lines and added false lashes after mascara. I went for really over the top, big ones as it is Halloween. I used the Rimmel ‘Exaggerate’ liner as it has the blender on the end and I find this invaluable, even day to day!!


Now onto the eye that is looking a bit plain and I added a little blood sticker that I picked up for £2 from Asda. halloweenmakeup_bloof
However it didn’t last very long and was also a little uncomfortable
so I would probably use red lipstick or actual face paint next time. However for the price and for the saving on time they were fine. I also added one below my lip.
I finished off this look with the MUA Wild Berry Matte lipstick. I also added a festive Halloween Dress I ordered from Ebay (Here you go) and a teenie tiny Witch hat my Mother in law gave me.halloweendress



Well my loves there you have it! It didn’t take me very long at all but a little bit more attention to do. Really nice and easy though! I hope you enjoyed this blog and don’t forget to tag my Social Media pages so I can see all your amazing Halloween looks! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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