Ghosts, Bats, Mummies and…..Christmas???

Halloween Crafts

Hello my lovelies and thank you so much for stopping by today! As you are now well aware Halloween is one of my fav times of the year and I am a sucker for cheap and effective crafts that I can enjoy with my lads! Let’s face it though I would also be making these even if I didn’t have kids! YAY CRAFTS!!!
Anyway I have put together a couple of extra crafts here in addition to the ton I’ve already put up (lol) I hope you like them and find them useful!!

Toilet Tube Monsters
So for this make you will need the follow….crafts1

Toilet Roll tubes,
Strips of Tissue,
Googly Eyes (optional)


  1. Place googly eyes and glue them on the tube..
  2. Then take strips of the toilet paper and keep wrapping and gluing until no cardboard is left.However don’t cover the eyes!


  1. Draw a pumpkin shape on paper, card or as I used photo paper.
  2. Cut the pumpkin out.
  3. Decorate and glue to the toilet tube.



  1. Make some black/brown wings with black/brown card or colour them yourself.
  2. Stick the wings to the roll.
  3. Draw the face on the front.

You could make so many variations of these as well like witches, devils, frankenstein!! Anything you like really and they are super easy! My boys made googly eye monsters (lol).

Halloween Surprise Pumpkins

For this make you will need…hallow_xmasdec

Large rectangle of Card,
Medium Size Plate,
Small Plate,
Now I was really impressed with this crafts in particular and couldn’t wait to share it!

  1. First make a crease in you your card. It needs to be quite big! I used the side and the top flap of a package box saving me having to do this step.
  2. Next you need to place the large plate down and draw around it.hallow_xmasdec2
  3. Place the small plate down and draw around that. They need to overlap just a little.
  4. After you have done that draw stalks on the top. You see where it’s going (lol).
  5. Now I drew the faces and lines and I used pens with pencil over the top for a nice effect. Making the larger more red and orange and the smaller one more of a yellow.

  6. Finish colouring the stalks.
  7. Cut around the Shapes.hallow_xmasdec5
    Now this is where it gets more interesting!!
  8. Turn it over to the blank side.
  9. Decorate this side as if they’re Christmas baubles.hallow_xmasdec6
  10. I added Glitter as I messed up a gingerbread man (hahaha). I then used a shape cutter
    I had instead! I would have had glitter anyway but my design was a bit dictated due my mess up! I’m going to add ribbons on the top of these as well so not quite finished yet.hallow_xmasdec7

Now as I said I was really impressed by this as it looks so good and as soon as November 1st comes I can just flip it and get in the festive spirit straight away!!
But again another great one for the price and for kids to.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as it is one of the last (still a couple left up my sleeve so stay tuned) in my first ever Halloween collection and although I am sad about it I am so excited for more cosy Autumness ahead and of course Christmas!! Keep your eyes peeled!! Also if you have any crafty inspiration or make these yourself please tag my Social Media pages!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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