Life: My Halloween

My Family Halloween

Hello my loves and how are you all today? I hope you’re well and enjoying this spooky day. Sadly for me both my lads are in school/nursery today and I’m missing them and disappointed we can’t spend the day together!! `
However we spent the whole week up to mischief and mayhem and I thought I would share the Halloween/Autumness awesomeness that occurred.

So obviously I got my crafts on with the boys and there was a whole lot! First we decorated the house with a super cost effective Halloween Haul I got. I love decorating the house but also love making my own deco’s and the first ones we made were Halloween Bunting. Using pretty much just paper and pens this kept us ALL busy for a little while and the boys were excited to see our masterpiece hanging up!

We also made Toilet roll monsters and I made a Pumpkin decorations with a twist!
The boys loved making creepy creatures to play with and chase each other! Again using mostly paper,pens and loo roll tubes. It kept them busy and cost me the price of replacing some googly eyes for £1!

I am also in love with the Pumpkin surprise decoration as it such a simple idea but so creative! Again using up recycled card, stuff I had in a craft box (glue, glitter etc) and pens and pencils I’m really impressed!

We obviously carved pumpkins as we always do and I loved are results! This was my youngest son’s first year carving a pumpkin and not an orange pepper (lol! safe but involved for real youngsters!) and he did amazing so S/O to him!!!My eldest is becoming a pro and went for a scary house and ghost design and also did great. Managed to nearly do it all himself. Me and my fella made matching Jack and Oogie Boogie ones which I love as I’m a huge fan!!!pumpkins
Side note I always buy the LED candles for a £1 (in the Haul) for my pumpkins as it’s safer and they still look as good!
I also made some mini pumpkin parcels and bat pie with some ready roll pastry and the pumpkin scooping. I’ll save that recipe and share it next year perhaps.
(The pumpkin is a cake I got from my local co-op for £6)


We went for autumn walks, conker collecting and kicking red and yellow autumnal leaves and came home to hot chocolates, quilts and Hotel Transylvania, A Nightmare Before Christmas and me on a personal note, Hocus Pocus!!

Also delicious and toasty Halloween inspired bath’s we nicknamed Witch’s Potion Bath. That are so luxurious and relaxing for both kids and adults!

Finally we enjoyed more FOOD!! I made the boys Gruesome meals that looked gross but tasted great. Spooky Shake to wash it all down and of course a few sweeties and Pumpkin Cakes here and there!!

Later when the boys get back they will be dressing up and hitting those doors to scare the crap out of people!! Although I’m not sure how tough and handsome guy Captain America and the cutest Skellington you ever saw will do much spooking (lol). I’m also using it as an excuse to pop my spooky frock on.

This will be my last Halloween post of 2016 and as my first year blogging it I loved it!! All my little crafts and project you can store away for another year like I do and I loved sharing them with you!! I’m sad it’s over but you know what’s next right???? CHRISTMAS!!! lol!
I hope you also enjoyed this little look into my Halloween. I had a great time with my family and it makes me excited for all the festivities to come from here forward!!
Anyway guys enjoy the rest of your Halloween but remember be careful, stay with friends and be as safe as you possibly can.

Lots of Love
Terribly Terrifying Tahnee xxx mwahahahahaha

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