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Hello you beautiful lot and I hope you’re all spectacular! Autumn is full swing and I am LOVING IT!!!! Had fireworks, christmas films and hot mulled fruit drink recipe this weekend. I will post it soon so keep your eyes peeled it will be your favourite winter warmer. But it was perfect however let’s get on with it shall we.

So to start I would love to thank Moderna Housewares for sending me there gorgeous, ultra sleek Kitchen Scales and their gorgeous green Non stick Frying Pan to test out and review for you!! So thank you very much to them.

Now on with the review…..

Non-Stick Frying Pan
So the first thing I noticed when opening this is that beautiful, bright green and it really is a lovely colour. The second thing I noticed was the waffle design on the base and after one use I love it!!!
I decided to use it to make a vegetarian lasagne and when I was allowing it to simmer through at the end for a moment, I actually forgot about for a minute if you know what I mean. Well as I rushed to the kitchen expecting it to be a little charred it was actually fine!!! I believe this is down to waffle design on the pan. The little oil I put it didn’t puddle any where in the pan. It was evenly able to disperse…..thanks to the waffle shapes!!
After I was finished I could of only wiped it over with a sponge and it would have cleaned it (I washed it properly though) so I am really impressed.
Also it came with fantastic little protective cover for the inside of the pan meaning it can’t get scratched in storage. That is so great as I have had to get rid of many of pans due to scratches that then start to rust, not any more.
As a little side note always use wooden utensils in a stick resistant pan as to not scratch the coating.
This is now my favourite frying pan (I’m a mum and yes we have a favourite pans lol) and I look forward to creating more beautiful meals for family!

Kitchen Scales

These scales look incredible! They literally look like a pad and, more importantly for me, are so easy to use (lol).
You press the button on the right to turn on and hold it to turn off. The change units of measure is on the left button and bish bash bosh done!! I think it would have been handy to have a bowl to fit for it as I found it hard without one but it certainly got the job done and look super stylish doing it!
I decided to make brownies that end up being a half fail (lol) but that is another story and my own silly fault (lol). But I love how modern and chic these scales are and love having  them sat on the side ready for when I need it.
Well again I would like to say a big thank to Moderna Housewares and make sure to check out their Facebook page for their full range of super stylish and chic housewares. Also go check out and follow my own Social Media pages and always be up to date my loves!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

Let me know what you think.....

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