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Hello my loves and how are you all? Thank so much for stopping by and you’ll be glad you did!! It may be a little while until Christmas (not really though now) but with such a large family to buy for I always like to get started early!

I was luckily enough to work with Snapfish a few weeks back to check out all the new features and products they have added to their site. Including backgrounds, motifs and embellishments to create some really pretty, really personal Christmas Gifts.


At first I wasn’t sure where to start! I mean they have so much to choose from including mugs, keyrings, wall canvas’, photo books and so much more. I decided to start with Keyrings.


Absolutely perfect for a stocking filler and only £2.99 the possibilities of who this gift could be for is endless. I actually ordered three of these (lol). One for Granny and Nana and also one for the boys to wrap up for me (lol)! I know that’s a bit selfish (lmao)! However look at these!!! They are so cute and I may be bias but look at those Christmas babies!!!! I am also obsessed with the Christmas embellishments that are just so cute!!! I love the variety of trees and toys. However they have a more grown up selection available too so some thing for all your needs.

Next I decided to make a new phone case for my partner.

Phone case
This time however I decided to use a photo collage app that I have on my phone called Photo Grid. I found that I could only add two pictures maximum and I was a little disappointed as it would be nice to have more than two. After using the app I was able to use a PORTION of my collage in the phone case space provided. This took a lot of re-tweeking and re-uploading a couple of times. After That I used the family orientated stickers to decorate the blander sections. Trying to keep it a little more masculine for my fella but they really do have something for everyone.




Fridge Magnet
I also made a fridge magnet for my mum as she loves them and she complains she doesn’t have enough pictures of everyone! Well I got her covered (lol). I chose to use a collage app pic again as it has pictures of the whole family including our doggy Pug Doug. I decorated it with simple rainbow hearts and family orientated text and I think it look so simple and pretty. I love the control you have over the embellishments and can place them ANY WHERE you like!!!


After this I decided to make a mug for my mum as we both have a shared love for a good cuppa!!

I know my mum will love a personalised gift like this. So I added pictures of my boys and decorated the background with a really subtle purple spotted pattern. As I had two large pictures on the cup I decided that I would keep the decoration simple. I used the really pretty ‘We love you Nana’ and a few simple hearts to decorate. Two large ones behind the ‘Nana’ text to as I felt it looked a little empty without them. I found the best embellishments for this mug were in the ‘Collections’ category filed under ‘Celebrating Mum’. I love this category system as if you know exactly what it is you want, Wedding gift, Christmas or Mother’s Day, you’ll find it easily!


Finally I made a second cup for my boys to give me.

snapfish_cup2I was not about to miss out on a personal photo gift!! I have lots of mum mugs so I kept this one nice and vibrant with a bright pink background. Adding really delicate almost transparent hearts pattern to the background. I then kept all words and stickers black as I found it looked really edgey. I am in love with it already and can’t wait to have my Christmas cup of tea from it!!

Overall I think the decorative aspect is what sets Snapfish apart but also the prices. For personalised gifts they are very affordable with a mug being £7.99 and phone cases only £12.99 I can see myself investing in a few more purchases in the future!!
I do think the could improve the picture set out a bit as I found I had to use the collage app as i couldn’t find a template to fit. However I feel you can work past this considering what they have to offer. Whether it’s an anniversary, Birthday, actual birth of child YOU WILL be able to create a gift for literally any occasion you like!! That to me is great especially if you’re struggling to find or think of a gift for that difficult person for Crimbo (we all have at least one). I would definitely recommend using this site as no one dislikes a present that’s thoughtful, personal and taken time and effort to create!!
I love all the stickers but in particular the circus ones were so cute and I love the festive ones for Halloween and Christmas.

Well I would like to thank Snapfish for making this blog possible and be sure to check out their site as I’m sure you’ll all love it as much as me! Also get stocking up for Christmas as I know you’ve already listed the people you know you’re buying for (lol).
I hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope to see you next time.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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