Winter Warmers

My Winter Wear

Hello, hello my loves and how are you all today?? Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it as you know!!! Anyway, shall we get on with it? (lol)

Today I am sharing the various winter warmers I have and no I don’t mean thermal undies! I will be sharing the hats, gloves and scarves etc that I shall be rocking now the sun is completely going but wow what a gorgeous summer and start to the autumn huh!


So first I’ll start with scarves and I’m going to chuck this out there that I am not the largest fan of scarves but I do have a valid reason (well…lol)! I can not stand how restrictive they feel. I do however have a couple so I’ll start with them.

So this pink scarf I have had a few years and I love the thicker knit and the long length. You can style it different ways which I like as I can wear with most coats, so yeah old trusty in the scarf department really (lol). Again I have no clue where this is from but it’s a pretty standard scarf.


So my mum actually purchased this Infinity scarf for me and I have no clue where it’s from. However, I found a nice alternative on Ebay that I think I have fallen in love with (lol). I think this will be in my wardrobe VERY soon. However here is mine….

Next are my hats and this is where my collection is (lol) I love them and I can’t pick a favourite as I love them all. However, I am fond of a bit of faux fur as you can tell!



I picked up these two hats, wool with a faux fur pompom, from Primarni for only £2 each. What a steal and so cute!!

These are my earmuffs that my fella got me last year as a Christmas present and again faux fur (this pattern will continue lol). I’m pretty sure he got them from B&M as they usually have cute hats etc this time of year.

Next up is my Aztec ski type hat. I actually only wear this if it’s really cold as I find it restrictive around my face and ears. However, I love the pattern and the pink and grey.


Last in the hat department is this fluffy, Russian’esque’ headband. This is one of my favourites as it keeps you really warm despite the hole in the top (lol). Also look how fluffy it is!!!

Finally is my gloves and I have to say my favourites are still mittens that flip to fingerless as they’re warm but practical. Exactly what I need as a busy mum something simple but effective. Here they are…


My beloved mittens. Let’s hope I don’t lose these like the countless others.

Finally, I call these half gloves and they’re perfect for when it’s getting slightly chilly but not cold enough for full-on gloves. Again wool and faux fur as nothing says winter better!!

Well, my lovelies that’s all from today’s blog and I hope you enjoyed it! What are your winter favs, let me know below in the comments!
I am so looking forward to all the nice things the cold months bring besides the cold weather itself.(lol) Hot chocolates, warm toasty houses, blankets, fluffy pj’s and of course Christmas!! I have got some good Christmas blogs planned and can’t wait to share them so make sure to keep an eye on my Social Media pages, but until next time loves! Be safe and stay well!!

Lots of Love

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  1. Sammy says:

    Big fan of my scarves I’ve got like 100 lol xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do like the tartan ones that are on trend at the mo!! May have to invest in one xx


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