November Favourites

November Favs


Hello, my lovelies!! Well, winter is well upon us here in the UK! The rain and wind is coming in and cold is coming to. (boohoo) However I will be enjoying the toasty house, warm drinks, family days out and the build-up to Christmas!
Aghhhh what a beautiful time of the year! I have been cracking on with the Christmas pressies and to be fair I am nearly done! I will be sharing some of my crafts and bakes soon. I will also be sharing my Christmas eve box I make for my boys. Plus some extra treats!
However enough of the Autumn/Winter excitement and onto the November Favs. Which on a side note I am re-categorising to Treasures.

Homemade Bath Bombs

So I am very close to sharing this recipe with you but I still haven’t got it 100%. However, I am LOVING the baths at the moment as I am normally a shower girl. For those who know me REALLY well, you would already know that I hate water!! Having said that I have had more baths in the last month than I have in the last five years if not more (lol).
They smell good and are perfect to be made as gifts. Let’s not forget it’s also soooo much cheaper than other alternatives. These are my own concoctions and also a Christmas Cinnamon based jar of small bombs

Trust Deodorant

So I actually found this product, Trust , through my blog and you can read the blog here but I can’t recommend this product enough. I literally only apply deodorant twice a week and I know that sounds really gross (lol). You do however only need it twice maximum as it is an anti-odorant, not an antiperspirant and it leaves a fresh citrus smell. I LOVE this deodorant and will never use another brand again!!

So my partner and I were introduced to Funko through Nerd Block and instantly I fell in love with them. We have ended up with a little collection. They’re great memorabilia and some are super cute!! These are going to make great presents as their list of funko’s in ENDLESS!! From Disney to anime, to movies and even T.V series I think they’re brilliant and can’t wait to add to my collection! This is not all of ours either (lol).

Hot Chocolates
Ok, so my overall favourite is usually a nice galaxy hot chocolate. However recently I have been loving the Cadbury one so perhaps they changed their recipe. The weather is perfect for it and they gorgeously delicious. A cream is a must have for me and I usually have a bit of grated chocolate on the top but a fudge bar is also really good.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner

This eyeliner!!!!!! Ok, so this is the BEST eyeliner I have used EVER!! It’s like a finer liner felt tip pen. It’s so precise and easily buildable I am so glad that I have found this product after the countless other types of eyeliner I’ve used lol. It is really good.

So my lovelies that is it for my November favourites! Short and sweet and some awesome products and I hope you find them useful! Don’t forget to check out my Social Media pages to keep up to date with all the Christmas treats I have in store for you!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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