Decoration Tour

So my gorgeous lot how are you all? How are you all coping with the awful weather that’s clearly here and being horrible (lol)? I know that this time of the year is the most painful for me as the cold really effects my legs and makes them really sore.
However enough of the moaning about bad weather right! So what’s today’s blog?
This past weekend my partner persuaded me to put the Crimbo decs up!!
Disgusting I know! Even more so since it’s my little boys birthday tomorrow but he was over the moon, so I gave in.
I did, however, think it was a good excuse to start my Christmas posts now and hopefully get a few more up than expected which is nice.
So without further ado, I give you my festive lounge, hope you enjoy…..





So this is my bookshelf and it is awash with not only anime (lol) but now it’s adorned with extra Christmassy goodness. Here is a selection of candles and globes, elves and snowman and not forgetting a nutcracker. Plenty of tinsel of course and a Christmas train!wintertour_table3



So this is my table at the moment. I say this as it will change multiple times over the festive period I can guarantee you. My favourite thing is my candle bridge as it reminds me of my mum’s one! Argh, childhood memories (Happy face).


So this is a little collection of pieces around the house. Just some little bits but the stuffed elf is part of a collection and the boys get a new one each year. Part of the Christmas Eve box I will be sharing with you all soon!
My favourite piece is obviously the cushion and this is one of three I have (lol) but this is my favourite one.wintertour_stophere

This is our ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign and will eventually be outside our house on Christmas eve to make sure Santa doesn’t miss the boys out (lol).wintertour_tree

So here is my tree! Before anyone says anything one of our string of lights were broken so that’s why there are none at the bottom (lol). On a sadder note, our flashing star is also broken so no twinkling star atop our tree this year. However is a little selection of the baubles we have this year.



I actually left my favourite until last and that is my fire area which this year looks incredible!!wintertour_stockings2

This is the first year I am having a stocking as we used to have presents on boxing day instead. So although I got presents from Santa I am SOOOO excited about having a stocking this year! Thank you to my lovely fella for getting it.wintertour_stockings

So there you have it my loves a little tour of my Christmas decorations which shouldn’t be up yet! However, the house does feel very cosy and festive.
The weather is disgusting outside so tonight will consist of letters to Santa (through the royal mail service), hot chocolates, hot baths and toasty pjs.
Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on my Social Media pages so you don’t miss out on all the crafts I will be putting up soon.

Lots of Love

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  1. Gems says:

    Aww you husband is so cute getting you your first stocking! Can’t believe you’ve never had one!! Xx


    1. yh he is!! like I said we had presents on boxing day which was nice but it’s not a stocking is it!


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