Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve box and the Elf

Hello my lovelies and a very happy 1st of December to you all! I would also like to wish my lovely Fiance a very happy anniversary. We have been together 12 years today and I couldn’t nor wouldn’t want it any other way!!

Today’s blog is another Christmas item and I am excited to share this with you all as it’s a favourite tradition in our house for the past few years. It is Christmas Eve boxes! Now I make these as it keeps the boys busy most of Christmas Eve meaning they don’t get too excited and not sleep but are festively entertained most of the day.
Now our box is usually delivered by an elf (sent by the big man in red of course) and this year I managed to find not only a female elf but also a magic elf door from the CardFactory and I am now way too excited for this years box (lol). They were also really good value for money as you can see!


So where do you start with a Christmas Eve box and I know that a lot of people include Pajamas however I don’t as I like the boys to be able to wear their Christmas pj’s all of December.
However this is what I do include,


I always include letters for Santa to put out on Christmas Eve or paper and decorations to make letters. I picked these particular ones up for 20p in January 2016 so always be on the lookout in the sales.


I usually add a couple of crafts or painting bits in there. This year we have foam trees to make and also Christmas paint by numbers. There is also a little puppet for them to make together that I have had knocking about in the cupboard.


There is always Christmas print outs of colouring in sheets for them to do throughout the day whilst I can’t supervise them as I still have lots to do but it helps alot!! I go for really iconic prints like Trees or Santa’s and they can be displayed when done.


A new Christmas book is added to the collection every year as I like to read to my boys and it’s so nice to read a Christmas tale with the lights and fire on! They don’t have to be long or a novel, just enough to have a little bedtime story. This year we got two ‘I’m Just a little Snowman’ for my two year old. Also ‘The Gingerbread Man’ for my six year old so Christmas eve we shall be curled up with warm drinks and bedtime stories!


This year I added some hot chocolate sachets as we all enjoy a hot chocolate and a Christmas book or a movie!


I also include the Christmas movie (lol) This way I can send the boys to bed a bit earlier with a DVD and get a break before ‘Santa’ has to get to work (lol).


This year I have also included this little reindeer glitter pot I found, again at the CardFactory. Now we can make reindeer food out of this and a few oats and the boys can scatter it outside before bed.


The chocolate coins are a MUST and are always a winner as who doesn’t love a Christmas coin?


So overall it’s more about thinking what could buy you a bit of time on Christmas Eve and what your children like than there being a standard list of objects. We like crafts and so end up with more crafts than anything else but if your child prefers to read buy more books. My boys love these boxes and they’re always a hit!
They can be as inexpensive as you like as this little lot only came to Β£9 something (Thank you Poundland lol). I also do save suitable items from throughout the year for them also.
I hope you enjoyed this blog and let me know what you put in yours if you already do them? Will you try one now yourself? Follow on my Social media pages so you can tag me in any of your Christmas Eve boxes I’d love to see them!

Merry getting Festive!!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Sam xx says:

    I love this 😍

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    1. They’re great Sam! Wouldn’t be without them now! Also great fun xxx


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