Grinch Kebabs

More Christmas Treats

Hello my loves and how are you all? Thank you for stopping by today I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy what I have in store! Plus 9 sleeps to go!!!!!!

So today’s blog is  day late ad I do apologise. However it is focused on a slightly healthier Christmas treat you can make at home and it is (obviously lol) Grinch Kebabs!!
They look fab and the only bit of naughty on it is a mini marshmallow, all fruit, yummmm.grinchkebab_1

You Will Need

Kebab Skewers,
Mini Marshmallows,

On a little side not I couldn’t find mini marshmallows in a big bad… had to buy a pot from the cooking aisle…..then separate the whites from the pinks!!! I mean it’s Christmas! I know my towns small but sheesh! (rant over lol)


  1. First add a whole grape to your kebab stick to make the Grinch’s face.
  2. Then slice your banana and add this on top of the grape.
  3. Next SLICE the leafy end of the strawberry off, you need it flat. Add this with the flat end to the banana.
  4. Finally add a mini marshmallow to the end that’s it you’re done.


Ok this has to be the shortest treat to make to date but look how cool they look!! They taste great as well. My boys really enjoyed them for pudding as they’ve both watched the film. Also quick and easy to knock up if you’re having a little festive get together!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and I hope you enjoyed it enough to give me a little vote for the UK Blog Awards that I am nominated for (thanks to all who have voted so far you stars xxx) Please Vote Here xxx.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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