Our Christmas Traditions

Family Traditions

Hello my festive loves!! We only have less than a week to go to the big day and our family is well into the festive period and all our traditions. Today’s blog is all about the traditions we have now we have a family of our own.

It’s always start with a trip to watch the Christmas light switch on at the beginning of December. Now I live in a very small town so this not the most glam or spectacular event but we enjoy the atmosphere and rides. The sweet treats and bumping into familiar faces. This year the we didn’t stay long as I was on crutches and it was so packed!! However every year since my eldest was one we have gone and always will!! Props to the Royal Oak  for the fake snow from Santa (Kieren). The kids always love it, every year.

I also like to make lots of festive crafts with my kids over christmas as it keeps them entertained and they love seeing their little bits of art being our ACTUAL decorations! Here’s a collection of some we’ve made over the years.

One of next traditions is an outing with the inlaws which is always our local garden centre Whitehall at Lacock (lol). Now I know this sounds odd but honestly it’s great there. Every year they have a grotto and Ice skating. I like the grotto as the kids get to enter ‘Santa’s Workshop’ and pick a present with elves all over the place!
This year we refrained from the ice skating and grotto as they keep upping the price (£25 JUST to see Santa this year :/). So we just had a look around the displays they have each year and stopped by to see the festive animals they also have. Again they were
great and I always look forward to the following year.

Obviously the boys get to see Santa and by far the best was last year when we went to visit family in wales. We got to go on a steam train to the grotto and stop for a mulled wine and a cake. Santa had a magic chimney! This year was pretty good though as they got to see him at their school christmas fete. Only cost £2 each and both boys got age appropriate gifts, such a steal!!

In addition my lads always write letters to Santa and get a reply. You can find these locally or on the Royal Mail (now finished for 2016) for the price of a stamp. We also always leave a snack etc on Christmas eve.

I have for the past three years made Christmas Eve Boxes for my lads as I find them such a helpful tool. Christmas eve is a nightmare really as you’ve been busy ALL month and your still not done. I find this way me and my partner are able to get all those last minute bits done. Or actually sit down for a cuppa at some point in the day.
They always include a new elf, who’s delivered it, as well and we’re gathering quite a collection now and if we’re being honest I get more excited than the kids (lol).

A strange tradition we have is we always have a giant christmas cracker and no little ones! We pin it to the wall as decoration and take it down before dinner to pull and wear our hats. This year we have a nutcracker man one which I am in love with as I love gingerbread men or nutcracker men as crimbo decorations!!

So my loves there you have it a little insight into my family traditions me and my fella have built up over the years! Little moments but so precious they’ll last a lifetime! I love the festive period and all the love and kindness it brings.
However now is the waiting game until the big day! I still have a couple of gifts to get but soooo nearly done, yay! I also have visits with parents etc still left to enjoy but will be using my Day to Night Christmas Makeup technique to make that easier! Apart from that I’m festively ready.

What traditions do your family have? Have you started some of your own or will you now? Let me now in the comments below or over on my Social Media pages I would love to know.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Lisa K says:

    Love the giant Christmas cracker!!

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    1. Thank you got my new one yesterday!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim says:

    Always do Christmas eve box xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are brill aren’t they!! xxx


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