Christmas Recoup

Christmas Pamper

Hello my lovelies and I am a day late but you’re about to see why (lol)!
So yesterday I took my eldest son into town to pick up the last few gifts we need for Christmas and it was STRESSFUL!! It was so busy and hectic what with being on crutches and a six year old in toe but it had to be done.
Once we got home there was still tea to be done, baths and the rest of the #mumlife list that must get done! So know I am left to wrap the last of presents but I decided earlier in the week NO not today!!

It’s time for a much needed Christmas pamper to not only recoup from the past few weeks of various festivities but also be ready and feeling relaxed in these last few days beforehand.christmas_pamper9

I started with this absolutely GORGEOUS pre-shampoo treatment from G3 Omnia Mundi who are an Italian Company that are starting to gain momentum in the UK (for good reason and I will have more on this in an upcoming blog).
Luxury smell and once left on for ten minutes you instantly see and feel the difference. As I said I have a blog about this coming so won’t give anymore away. However do treat yourself to a nice hair treatment such as 7th Heaven or these great offers over at Superdrug. I obviously had a lovely relaxing bath as well and dried my hair when out.

Next I decided to give my nails a Christmas manicure and all though it’s been a good few years of having to do it myself I don’t think I did to bad!
I started with the Sally Hansen hardening polish as my nails can be a bit fragile due to acrylics. I then used the stunning and perfectly Christmas Mischief Managed by Tanya Burr for that beautiful red. Then using the Give me nude, baby by Essence (got it from Wilko’s) I added little patterns using a thin paint brush, as you can see.

However the Essence varnish was very thin varnish and I had to apply so many coats I ran the risk of scuffing!! Next time I’ll get a Sally Hansen one or perhaps you could suggest a good white polish?
Topped all this off with none other than O.P.I clear as it’s one of the best in my opinion.

I then finished it off with a beautiful 7th Heaven beauty mask. This time I tried the Coffee Mocha Mud mask and it was soooo lovely. First of all it smelled like chocolate and I don’t know if I really need to say much else!
It does however also gently exfoliate and it left my skin feeling refreshed, plumped, clean and healthy. Who doesn’t want that!!!
It applied so evenly and well and although it dried to be tight it wasn’t so tight you grow concerned for your face! Washed off well and quickly as all the 7th Heaven products do. I also made a little lip scrub with castor sugar and lip balm and now I 100% feel relaxed.


Top this all off with cup of tea, Christmas lights and some Christmas movies I am one chilled mama. I really needed that little pamper and after finishing this blog I will get a blanket and another tea and I am done!!! Wrapping can wait until tomorrow!

So my loves I hope you enjoyed this blog and use it as a reminder to wind down after all these festive activities and take a moment for yourself! Before you know it the day will be here and gone just as quick and you would/may have stressed the whole time!
How do you chill out during the festive season? Do you have any tips for my readers? Leave a comment below if you do but until then…….2 MORE SLEEPS TIL SANTAAAA!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my loves!
Lot of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Jessie says:

    This will be me today!! 100% 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good hun you enjoy!! 🍷🍾


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