Christmas Bath

Lush and Zoella
Christmas Bath

Hello you lovely lot and how are you all? I hope the festive period was fun, joyous and safe for you all! Mine was as fun and manic as usual. However we had a amazing few days overall and feel very grateful for the wonderful family I have!

However let’s get on with today’s blog and I am bringing to you a LushΒ and ZoellaΒ combo for the ULTIMATE Christmas bath.


I used the gorgeous ‘Peeping Santa’ bubble bar from Lush, which not only made that stunning red colour it also added extra bubbles.
I received this as a gift from my fiance for Christmas and was over the moon as look how cute! The smell is sweet and has a berryness to it’s scent that makes it smell so delicious.


I the added a good gloop of my favourite Zoella Bath latte to make it extra bubbly but also the vanilla against the sweetness of Santa was so perfect.


I got myself a cup of tea and turned on some Christmas tunes led back and enjoyed.
You can use any red bath bomb for this and any bubble bath that makes white bubbles however I love how festive it looks! This would also be great for kids who would love the Santa theme I’m sure.


Well I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and it inspires you to take that extra half hour for yourself! Especially with the new year coming in, start as you mean to go on and take really good care of yourself!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Hannah says:

    You don’t need the zoella actually! Bubbles fine on its one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your right Hannah but can you really have to many??? lol xx


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