It’s A New Year

Hello you beautiful people and welcome to my first blog of 2017!! As many of you may already know I have been really unwell since New Years Eve with a chest infection and although I’m still not 100% I am here with a blog!!

I am just going to tell you some aims I have for Tahnee’s Blog in 2017 and what I hope to achieve personally with hope to inspire people in their own lives.

Let’s start with Tahnee’s Blog and I will be doing more giveaways this year so you lovely lot have some chances to get some goodies.
I am also going to be working on better photography for the page as well. I feel that this is something I need to work on as my pictures aren’t the greatest and I want better quality for you loves! Hand in hand with this I will also be brushing up on my editing skills (crying face).
Here’s a little fact, I studied media production at college and Uni so I do KNOW how to edit most stuff however…….urghhhh I hate editing!! (lol) We never gelled well and it is not something that comes naturally to me so it will take time and patience. However I promise by the end of 2017 the photography will be a much better quality.


I  will be working more on fashion this year to. I am going to be doing a few #OOTD (outfit of the day) and also one favourite fashion item a month. I feel that together we’ll be able to widen our fashion choices and perhaps share inspiration over social media.
This will go hand in hand with make up and make up techniques as I need to work on mine (lol) but I can also help show you how I’m getting better. Allowing you to use the techniques yourself at home.


On a more personal note I will be taking better care of my hair as it has gone to sh*t! Sorry but it has! I have naturally curly hair and I haven’t taken proper care of it since having kids 5 years ago. It’s so blergh now I can’t take it any more and I am sick of the site of messy buns. I have a product that’s helping me with this but that’s under wraps until my next blog!! I also got gifted the Nicky Clarke straighteners and a Babyliss curling wand for Christmas so be prepared to see better hurr over hurr!!


What are your aims for 2017? I know mine might seem small and mediocre however they’re fully achievable right now and once I have achieved these I can add more. I really do hope that 2017 is the best it can be for you all and so much more loves!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. yes i did hun but the course was ran at chippenham college instead of bath lol! xxxx


  2. Sammie Smithe says:

    You didn’t go to uni ?

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