G3 Omnia Mundi Product Review

New Year, New Hair!!

Hello my little lovelies and how are you today? I hope today sees you well and ready for some hair motivation? I have had a busy couple of weeks getting Christmas out the way (as we all have) but now it’s done and I’m over my sickness. I am definitely ready for the New Year to start bringing with it fresh starts and broken resolutions (lol). Mine this year is to actually start taking better care of my hair! This was my starting point as you can see here it was in desperate need of some tlc. Dry, fluffy and a lifeless!!


Earlier last month I was contacted by G3 Omnia Mundi. This is a gorgeous hair care company that originated in Italy and is now trying to traverse the UK market. I let Edoardo (my lovely correspondent at G3) know that I had naturally curly hair and that it was in desperate need of hydration.
So he sent me over this gorgeous little lot…..


We have the Pre-Shampoo treatment, Shampoo and ‘Hydrating Drops of Light’ anti-frizz serum.

Let’s start by talking about the packaging! Guys look at it! It is so chic and so stylish. It just oozes that Italian class and lavish gorgeousness! From the sleek, sexy black to the bold gold font it really stand out and shouts luxury.


Then the I opened it and smelled them and…..OH MY GOoDNESS!! You know that beautiful scent you can ALWAYS smell in the salon but they never use it on you? That really creamy, luxury smell with hints of vanilla. IT’S THIS (lol) even if it’s not this exact product it smells divine!! All three of these product are from the same line so smell the same. However I will add is I used a Herbal Essence Coconut oil conditioner to in keep with with the hydration boost.


So I used as instructed which was to use the pre-shampoo treatment on the lengths of my hair and leave for ten minutes. Wash normally with the shampoo and then add the serum to dry hair.

I have to say I know it sounds like a cliche but I really did notice the difference straight away! I mean after just one use so I was blown away!20161123_162436

As I said I have naturally curly hair and when it’s dehydrated the ends can dry in about 5 minutes of washing it. When it is hydrated it take about a half hour (lol) so as I said I could see the results straight away.
Once dry my hair was gorgeous and glossy and felt so good on my head (lol)! You know what I mean though? You sit there just rubbing it and smelling it like ‘arghhhh lushness’ hahaha!

The consistency of the pre-shampoo is the same as normal shampoo but it made my hair feel weird obviously adding it to dry hair. However it really did give that huge boost of hydration.
Besides smelling stunning the shampoo was a normal shampoo consistency. Lathered well and rinsed out easily but I rinse for ages anyway. Finally the serum is usually greasy as heck and gross but this one wasn’t AS bad as most to be honest. I still had to give my hands a good wash after use!


I ended up using this product for about a month (bit more) and I have to say I really am impressed with them. They have really made a difference to the hydration of my hair which is great as I got new straighteners and a curling wand for Christmas. So I need to keep my hair extra hydrated and healthy. I know these products can achieve that with a stunning expensive sent.


I won’t fib, for me, the price tag was a little eye watering at nearly £60 for a hydrating three set (includes hair mask instead of pre-shampoo). But I think you could use the mask once a week and still see the benefits. As you don’t use a lot of frizz serum in a use either I think that may last a little while and so you could stretch the shampoo out or re-order just the shampoo for £19.
Now as most of you know by now I’m a cheapskate but I would happily pay that as I KNOW it works. Finding products for my wild hair that ACTUALLY works is rare. I also think when it comes to your hair you should use what works for you when you find them. I would 100% recommend these product on just the smell alone (lol) however they really do work as you can see yourself here!

G3 Omnia Mundi have so many more products so be sure to check them out as they have what you need!! Also pop over to my Social Media pages and give a little follow so you don’t miss out on any future blogs!!

EDIT- 23/03/2017 – Enter discount code ‘Tahnee’ for 20% off your purchase!! xxx

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx


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