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Fizzy Smelts Review
And Giveaway

Ok my loves so have I got a ridiciously, amazing blog for you today you lucky things!!
I recently contacted the lovely Rebecca over at Fizzy Smelts after seeing their GORGEOUS candles on Facebook.
The second I saw these beautiful, quirky and handmade candles I was blown away. Not only by the detail and craftwomenship but also by how unique they were.

Now Fizzy Smelts were overwhelmingly generous and agreed to send not only one for me to review for you but also… to giveaway! I was also feeling extra generous and ordered another one to win! That’s right my lovelies you could win 2 of gorgeous candles for your home ! Check the end of the blog for more details on this.

Onto the review and what can I say!! Just look them for a second…..

Vintage Blue

fizzysmelts_vintageblue3Starting with this gorgeous corked Blue Vintage with it’s really cute little butterflies, flower and bow it’s perfectly girly. I LOVE the added little cork which really adds to the aesthtetic of the candle!


It has a beautiful scent of spearmint however I found that it smelt like babypowder or fresh washing!! Such a clean and fresh scent it’s bound to please anyone who loves the freshness of clean bedsheets!! (Edit, I was informed that IT IS Fresh Linen lol they’re are a selection of scents to choose from!)

Unicorn Shake

fizzysmelts_unicornshake1This is my candle and I am OBSESSED WITH IT!!! LOOK AT IT!!! Not only is it unicorn themed but has a unique scent of parma violets which matches it perfectly.
Just look at the little added deatils of wax hearts, real marshmallows and also the glitter!!
It fits like a dream in my 50’s inpired kitchen and I am in love with it!!

Expresso Shot

fizzysmelts_coffee1Last but by no means least we have an expresso shot candle and I wish you could smell it through the screen! Strong but beautiful and creamy coffee that I would leave in my kitchen. That way it would permiate and your kitchen would always smell like fresh, expensive and delicious coffee. I WILL be ordering another of these for myself. I will be sad to see it go to the winner of the impending giveaway!
It also looks so real and quirky. I really am blown away by how amazing these candles are and how awesome they look.

I’m not sure if I can add words to make me or anyone like minded want these more! They’re so gorgeous and as I said the attention to detail is incredible. From the cream on the top to the layers of pastel colours in the Unicorn shake, it’s just stunning.
Glitter, marshmallows and tiny wax hearts make for the perfect decoration!
Also the little corked Vintage Blue is so sweet and delicate with it’s bow, butterflies and flowers. The smell of the Expresso my loves is just urgghhh, stunning!

I am so blown away by these candles and I can’t wait to get my order in for some more! I have been browsing their Web page and seen so many I’d love and with a birthday on the way I am 100% getting some (lol)

Now shall we move onto the giveaway of the gorgeous Vintage Blue candle and Expresso shot…..

Let’s keep it quick and easy you can either go to,
Like or follow one or all if you’re feeling kind! Share the pinned/relevent post and before you leave here, scroll down and leave a ‘Win’ in the comments below. I will then add you to the list (as usual this will be posted as a seperate post) which will assign you a number. I will of course draw live on facebook and will also share the results here, as well as my other social media accounts.
The competition will run from now until 6th February 2017 at 6pm. This gives everyone two weeks to enter and as I said it will be drawn live on my Facebook. .         .

I hope you enjoyed this blog my loves as I have enjoyed writing it and also running a little giveaway for you all. I would also like to say a huge, mahoosive, gimassive thank you to Fizzy Smelts, Rebecca, for being so super awesome and agreeing to work with me and letting my readers have freebies!!! Get over to their Facebook page and never miss out on their products again, gorgeous stuff!! Plus the huge amounts of giveaways their having at the mo you don’t want to miss out!

Good luck everyone!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Jo Collier says:


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    1. awesome jo I’ll get you on xxx


  2. ab says:

    uk only……bit unfair!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol I know hun but at the mo I’m still finding my way around this whole blogging world but I’ll try and get an international one up soon xx


  3. Saffy Stokes says:

    Win 😊 Xx


  4. danielle says:

    would love to win xx


  5. Rebecca Broughton says:



  6. Elle Hayton says:



  7. Win please ,luv these candles x


    1. Lovely I’ll get you added xxx


    1. will get you on the list i put up later xx


  8. Charlotte says:

    win xxx

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  9. They’re gorgeous aren’t they!!! Don’t forget to follow a page also xxxxs


  10. Omg these all look fab.. Love e the unicorn 1.. Xx

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  11. Win.. they all look amazing.. we love candles xxx

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  12. stacey says:

    that unicorn one looks lush 😁!

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    1. Not sure which lisa you are (if it’s one I know lol) but good luck and don’t forget to sahre and like one of the social media posts xxxx


  13. EmmA Lockwood says:

    Win xx

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    1. lovely! I will get you on the list once we have a few more entrants hun! Good luck xxx


  14. Corinne says:

    Win 💖 (Sorry I only have Facebook to follow you on) xx


    1. That’s OK my love good luck xxx


  15. Ellen says:

    I’ve not had one for me yet, I’ve only ever ordered as gifts… They are just so amazing though! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are! I can’t do them justice lol! Glad you’re loving the giveaway good luck xxx


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