RAF Museum, London

Half Term Help

Hello my lovlies and thank you so much for stopping by on this lovely surprise blog!!! Now my boys had their last day at school before half term today and I know many UK parents who also have their children at home now for a break.
I will be posting some useful stuff to keep the sprogletts entertained this half term! Starting with a fun day out for your family!

This blog is all about the RAF Museum in London, which not only offers FREE, YES FREE admission but a fantastic day out with the family! As you can see from the short film it is so accesible to get to. I am told that at the moment they are having the carpark renovated however this is not affecting entrance or use of the museum.
This for me would only be a 2 hour journey with one switch over to reach Kings Cross. Then by tube to the Museum as stated in the video. With two young lads the train journey its self is an adventure so they’d have a fantastic fun packed day. None of us have been on the tube either so that would be a new experience for us all as well! (country bumpkins lol).
I would use this as an excuse to avoid sitting in traffic and car squabbles and take a scenic route.


I have to say though the things they have on offer look incredible such as all the planes on display, which of course you expect. However you can sit amoungst the planes in the ‘Refuel’ Cafe which is such a perfect mix of old school and futuristic!

They also have some great experiences for a small fee that sound brilliant! Some excellent sounding 4d experiences such as ‘Red Arrows’ experience (all experiences here) and also some Flight simulators (again more info here).  Lots of interactive bits for kids including a quiz to take part in along the way!

Or why not have a go on the Spitfire experience as modeled by the lovely Martin Kemp.

I can’t explain how amazing this looks and there’s so much to do I have barely scrathced the surface honestly! To check out all details on RAF Museum, London including all the events and special days they may be having head over to their website.

Right well I’m off to book some train tickets (lol) and you make sure to do the same! What a great day this looks and I know my boys and my fella would love it!

Until next time loves take care!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

(All pictures Courtesey of RAF Museum London)


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  1. hey great video….

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  2. echoesofhervoice says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

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