Mothers Day Gift Idea


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The love between a mother and her child is infinite. With a beautiful Mother’s Day Jewellery Collection, KAYA makes this love tangible.

The beautifully personalised jewellery collection tells a story and is truly unique with hand-engraved  bracelets, necklaces and pendants of the highest quality silver. 

Each individual piece of jewellery creates the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mums to cherish.kaya_pressrelease

Handwritten with love
The new Mother’s Day Jewellery Collection is engraved by hand with elegance and precision, a craft which is dominated by few.

“Hand engraving is a class apart, a piece of art that gives a wonderful personal touch to your jewellery. This is unmatchable with an engraving machine. Hand engraving is much nicer and more personal.” says designer and owner Tanja Rakhou.

Inspired by hand writing, Tanja created purely unique hand-engraved jewellery. For this purpose a special marking pin is used which works at high air pressure, so that the engraving is deep and will last forever.


For the Dearest Mother

With Mother’s Day approaching, everyone searches the perfect gift for the sweetest mother in the world.

A personalised gift can make the day more special for her. A necklace with personalised engraving will be appreciated by many mothers, especially when it contains children’s names, a date or lovely messages, unique to her. The KAYA brand uses only the finest materials such as high quality sterling silver, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, which remain beautiful forever.


Meaningful Jewellery

KAYA products are made with care, lots of love and craftsmanship. Charms for bracelets and necklaces are engraved by hand. Choose a special message in a piece of jewellery: a child’s name, a special date or a word. Let your jewellery tell a unique story. Tanja says; “That’s exactly what I found exciting while designing this collection; a piece of jewellery that really steals your heart.”


About KAYA Jewellery

KAYA designs luxury jewellery for kids and mums. It can be given as a memento of a special moment such as Mother’s Day, and also for a celebration, christening, birthday or wedding. Because KAYA cares for all children, the brand donates an amount from the jewellery sales to the foundation Eduki, which allows 16 children in Gambia to attend school. For more information and the complete Mother’s Day Jewellery collection, visit

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  1. Globejamun says:

    The best bond ever.
    Nice jewellery piece 😍

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