Frills and Ruffles!! Ewww!!

How To Wear Frills and Ruffles

Hello my lovelies and a huge thank you for stopping by today! I hope you’re well and ready for my tips on how to wear a frill or ruffle if A) you’re not really into them but still like to keep on trend B) you’re daunted at the thought!

As I said in the Trends 2017 I have been keeping a close eye on the runways and one trend that was impossible to ignore was the ruffles….everywhere! Now I am not one for a ruffle look however I thought of a clever way of incorporating the ruffle in a more subtle manner. However some are still slightly daunting!

Oscar de la Renta – NY Fashion Week – Spring 2017
Altuzarra – NY Fashion Week – Spring 2017
Zimmerman – NY Fashion Week – Spring 2017

One frill or ruffle at a time is the answer! Just one little ruffle on the cuff or a frill on the top. To try it out for myself I purchased a few items from Asos to play with.Frills_FullOutfit
I started with this gorgeous neon rose frill bardot top that sits of the shoulder. It has just the one very large frill around the fold over and hem and there for it isn’t too much. You don’t see this top and think ‘wow frills!’ but it is and its done with a subtlety anybody could wear. However it is a little on the cropped side so be aware of that.

This top did make my neck area appear really long and bare though. So I also invested in the lovely Lace jewel choker just to add a bit of a break up in the outfit but I love the chunky’ness’ of it.Frills_Choker
I paired these two with a some high waist ripped jeans with fishnets tights underneath which I think looks really edgey and keeps your knees warm (lol). Also I can tuck in my mum tum so always a bonus (pahahaha). My pleather jacket with the fur collar as it’s so perfect for Spring. I also chose chain clad black trainers as I am me but I wish I had a pair of black boots with the gold heel to wear with this outfit, how cute would that look though!?!?!? I also chose a chunky zip bag to match the outfit.

My makeup look I went for a bronzed eye with just waterline eyeliner and mascara. Also with a bold pink lip to match the top, ‘Persian Rose’ by MUA. I kept my cheeks and face matched bronze with a little highlighter on my cheeks. For my hair I went for a renewed 90’s look of two strands at the front however I added a half up and down messy bun to keep it a little modern.

So there you have it my loves how to rock ruffles when your not sure how! The one thing I will say is a complete off the shoulder piece can be annoying as it pops up all the time! I will try to find another I think one that isn’t off the shoulder, however I still love this top!

Thanks for stopping by today and don’t forget to check out my Social media pages and always stay up to date!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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