Last Minute Mother’s Day

Gift Guide

Hello you wonderful people, how are you all today? I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and it doesn’t seem to be slowing #MumLife (lol). Let’s get on though shall we!

Well all though Mother’s Day is only a few days away I know a few of you are probably struggling on what to get the amazing ladies in your lives. I have put together a few great gift ideas you can go and pick up from the highstreet and leave all the mama’s happy!
All items are linked at the bottom of this page.


So there are a few ideas for you to juggle with if you’re the last minute shopper! Get down the highstreet Saturday and you’ll be sorted and Mum will be happy!
I hope all the mum’s reading have a fab day they deserve and also your mum’s to (lol)! I will be off out to dinner with my lovely inlaws and will enjoy my mandatory lie in. Hope you all are taken good care of you deserve it!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

Santuary – With Love – Boots
Includes lots of relaxing bath items for a gorgeous pamper and treat

Mum Bath Bomb – LUSH

Mum Bead – Pandora

Visiq Foot Spa – Argos

7th Heaven – Most supermarkets and highstreet beauty/ cosmetics shops.

Personalised Chocolate – Thorntons

Note – All picture copyright is attributed to each linked site, 7th heave picture is one of my own.

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    Great post!

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