Am I failing as a Mother?

The Parenting Woes Of A Moany
British Mum

So today’s blog is 100% the most personal one to date but I also feel it might be my most important.
In today’s society us ‘Mum’s’ are really under the microscope for pretty much everything. From style, to your job and even how we choose to parent is some times called in question. It can be so hard to feel like your actually succeeding at this parenting malarky and let’s admit it, it is a really hard job.

So am I failing at being a mum? Am I potentially failling my children?

I mean there are days when we live on chocolate spread sandwhiches and chips for tea! Where we stay in pj’s and only watch films and play video games. There are days where I don’t do the washing up or I’m really behind on the washing. There are even some days when I don’t bother at all besides feeding the boys. No I don’t always manage to get the reading homework done that day. I also 100% take time for me and don’t feel 1 bit bad for that! I used to get really down when I felt I hadn’t acheived enough in a day. Or I hadn’t had enough hours in a day to get bath time done. Or I just didn’t feel like it, it was a ‘meh’ sort of day.

Let me explain why………… I AM A HUMAN!! Yes I am a mum and I have a house to take care of but I am human. Some days I don’t want to try, or brush my hair or even bathe! Do you want to know the best thing though……. IT DOESN’T MATTER! None of it!

The thing that matters is still a work in progress and that’s my boys who will one day be men. In the grand scheme of things I have been a mum a very short 7 years. I can’t mentally cope if I beat myself up daily over the hoovering that didn’t get done or the fact I took a few hours for myself. What good am I to my boys then? Also what am I teaching them? That a mother should just run herself into the ground for the sake of what STRANGERS or supposed ‘friends’ might say of them. Hell no that’s not happening.

What I will teach my little minions is that everyone is a person. A delicate, angry, tired, happy, giving, loving, hate doing the washing up HUMAN.

So am I failing my boys by not having every chore done in one day? No I’m not I’m teaching them that living a life is better than just cleaning one. When I don’t cook ‘proper’ dinners and we live on junk am I failing my boys? No of course not when we consider the poor starving children in the world. My children go to bed with food in there stomachs and that is a blessing. The only way I could fail them is if I knowingly allow them to be mistreated. That would obviously never happen.

It’s so easy to get bogged down by the ‘parent police’ all over social media but from me to you. Your doing a fantastic job! Even if your sat here reading this in pj’s in the middle of day. If the washing is pilling and your sat watching your fav programme instead. You get one life and living it doesn’t mean failing your children!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx




  1. This totally hit home for me! When my oldest son was born, my life was about trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations…. and it was exhausting! Happy to report my mindset has changed a lot since then. Love your honesty!

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    • Awww thanks hun. I’m finding it a lot easier to do so. I don’t have a perfect life but I have one where I learn everyday if that can help someone else that’s brilliant xxxx


  2. Awww thanks hun. I also completely agree on your point of judging and not helping. That for me is the worse. That should be our source of reprieve and advice but most of the time it’s just judgements xxx


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