Dating Advice

Dating Advice

Hello my little lovelies and how are you all doing? I’m hot… very, very hot as we are experiencing a heatwave here in the UK. So there’s been lots of pool time, barbecues (I mean why not, when in Rome and all that) and our own body weight in anything frozen liquid. I do hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine safely of course!

Today’s blog is another dating advice one as I seemed to get a really good response to my last one. Today I am giving practical date advice for any occasion or date situation so let’s dive in.

Not everyone is looking for something serious.
Which to me seems like a waste of good emotions but it’s true and very common in the dating world. This is why I would advise to take it one date at a time for one very good reason. No one likes to be hurt.
This is going to be a little controversial but there is nothing worse than people hooking up and within a week they’re moving in together, getting married the whole shabam! This type of dating is what is killing relationships. We live in a world that is a million miles a minute but not everything can be. Dating is one of these things that takes time and patience to build up into a relationship. It’s hardly ever going to work like this as you don’t actually know the person yours with.
You need to know if you’re compatible on a deeper level and this is where I feel that dating sites can be really fantastic as the sites match you based on certain aspects of your life, personality, and hobbies. This can actually be a fantastic way to make faster ground on a relationship without sabotaging unintentionally. You already know what you share in common.
So here I have four sites for various locations over the UK just to help you out. There will be more for other locations in my next blog so don’t worry if you can’t see your location yet.
West Midlands Dating, Highlands Dating, Lothian Dating and finally Portsmouth Dating so if you’re from any of these areas and really struggling to find someone who is worth the time and effort check them out. As I said above, not everyone is looking for something serious so be sure to take it steady as someone who is really interested won’t mind.
I suppose if your kind of thing is casual relationships or friends with benefits you could always check out this Adult Dating instead of a dating, dating one (lol). Don’t waste peoples time if they’ve made it clear they want more than just sex!

Don’t Expect People To Change.
There is also a difference between maturing and changing so be sure to bear this in mind.
Now, this is really easy to say but really hard to implement. For example, my fella has never been romantic in the conventional sense of the word. I knew this from the very early stages of our relationship and yes, there are points I am like ‘ I wish he’d surprisingly buy me flowers for no reason’. However, I know that just isn’t him and I chose to accept that when I chose to stay in a relationship with him. They same way he chose to put up with a grumpy in the morning before my tea girlfriend.
This does not mean you should put up with a person being horrible to you all the time ‘because that’s who they are’ not at all.
I think you get what I am saying though. We either like people for who they are or we don’t. If you don’t then don’t stay in a relationship with that person. This again goes back to my first point in the fact that if you go steady you can work this out BEFORE you’re living together. It gives you time to get over the honeymoon period and really get to know each other. There may be things you don’t always agree on but as said above don’t try to change people for who they are at their core. Also, don’t allow this to happen to you either as it can be very destroying for you.

Make Time For Each Other.
This means REAL time to laugh and enjoy each others company which can be, again, easier said than done.
The thing is we all get into our routines and I think the lovely UK Artis Professor Green put it best when he said on This Morning,
“Box sets have killed people’s sex life”
I have to agree with him but I feel it goes further than ‘just sex’ in the sense that we forget what to do with each other for fun. We forget to communicate as we get sucked into the latest episode of the latest must-watch television show.
Now there is nothing wrong with chilling out in front of the Tv but don’t forget to put some time aside to do something you both enjoy. You don’t have to go anywhere and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Time is the most precious gift you can give as you can never take it back.
Plus surely your partner WANTS to spend time with you!…..? (awkward lol). Either way, you both deserve time from each other and quality time at that. Why not have a laugh and try some couples yoga? Have a good of game of Monopoly with a good old fashioned punch-up at the end? Just take a walk somewhere beautiful together our listen to old songs you both love. I swear you will both get so much from it!!

Well, my loves I hope these few pointers helped you in your dating lives and I hope the dating world is being kind to you!! If you have any great tips why not drop them in the comments section below as we’d all appreciate it!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx



  1. That’s some wise advice right there. I’m such a sucker for spontaneous surprise gifts. Nothing melts my heart and my defenses faster. hahaha.


  2. This is great dating advice girl. I agree with you about taking time to get to know a person before jumping in head first into moving in together, marriage, kids and all that. It all seems to happening within 6 months now. And for me that is just too soon. Take your time people and get to know each other first.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well.. I’m currently dating my husband and planning to do so for the rest of my life! LOL

    But I have to say that people do change – or even better they improve, when they find their better half. When you’re in love, you tend to become better. ❤

    Keep up the good content!

    Liked by 1 person

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